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Jill NATO, Fox News. Running. Former Obama administration official Julia and Castro this location here on the city's west side is near and dear to his heart. He had his family took a public bus to get here. Broadcasting the ride on Facebook live from the number sixty eight bus route he told the crowd that he and his twin brother Joaquin a US congressman used to ride with their mother to and from school growing up in this community Castro said, he's proud to call himself a son of San Antonio and the crowd went wild. He said under the current leadership the country seems to be falling backwards instead of forward at he is running to quote, make sure the promise of America is available to everyone. And that is FOX's Casey Steagall reporting also running democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of why and Iraqi war vet she tells CNN show formally announced within the next week already announced Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigning in New Hampshire. More power more power in the hands of unions. More power in the hands of employees more power in the hands of consumers to balance the power in Washington. That's there for all the triumph four might want to call this the diet wars titan of way pound for pound slugging it out today. Weatherman Al Roker hits back at fitness trainer. Jillian Michaels for calling me Kito genyk diet a bad plan in a video for women's health magazine, tweeting this from a woman who promoted on camera, bullying deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now, those sound like bad ideas, referring to Michael's time on reality show. The biggest loser Roker has been trying the diet which requires folks tweet more fat in animal protein, while there are many supporters rep for the academy of nutrition and dietetic tells the magazine it will not support good bones, a healthy, brain heart colon, or gut microbiome Christine Goodwin. Fox news. This is. News. Now a year and rock spotlight. Nineteen seventy-five November queens fourth album is worldwide smash with the single bohemian rhapsody it hits number one in the UK and number.

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