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The big ENCHILADA is the postseason. National Television Package for the Post that they need to play. The clubs feel they cannot lose that if they lose that. They're really going to get hammered. And so the that the principal objective is. How what how many games do we need? To produce teams that we can hold our head up high and say these are the best teams in based in jean-marc used to say, show me hundred game schedule, and I'll tell you the best teams baseball. I don't need to do. One hundred sixty two games I can do it in You'll notice all his newspaper articles lately about the frequency with which the team that's ahead at the end of Ninety Games is the best team at the end of the year. That's all fence public by Major League Baseball. Then there in search of. Their in search of the number of games they must play such that when they played at the end of that, they have a real posts And secondly I think that. They came in with a number lower than. They think is is the maximum other words eighty two game proposal, probably legally. They want the players by guests. This out of the clubs operate no one of the advantages. We always had clubs always thought we were scooping. Up. You know perfectly happy to have made that in my own view again. I could be wrong about this. My own view that the clubs want to play more games. What they want the players to ask for it so that it looks like a get. Okay well all right. If you hundred games will play one hundred games by, you gotTa do something for us on some side. You know trading off something that they were going to give you anyway. You know they. I think they. They left some room there for the players, blue and mob, and may met. The players think that they were getting it. We got the clubs to give us twenty games more when clubs are perfectly happy to give it, and so the issue is going to be what Claes associations willing to pay. And I hope not very much for a proposal would says comes back and says we think we can play on tunes or ninety nine Games whatever the number might be, but that number seems to be a little bit. and. I think, it's low deliberately. They want the players to feel that. They extracted so that they can get some things. I mean there. There are some things clubs their proposal..

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