Griffin, Brian, Rachel discussed on Rose Buddies - Ep. 79: Hometowns, Again


I imagine that a lot of mothers feel that way um but i think most would recognize that that is an unfair in unrealistic way to approach your child's relationship especially when you're on fucking national television giving of fucking shovel talk to the bachelorette like what are you doing what is the shuffle talk it's a it's a like if you heard him all kill you know um yeah my grandma gave to you she she definitely she did a few pretty much the i view times no matter she laid that one down years has griffin comes across as a real bruiser yeah that's me heartbreaker um so then um and this is difficult for me i feel like in the past with hometowns we get introduced to everybody in the room this time we did not so there is a woman that rachel talks to next that might be his city was a sister yeah i'm not 100 percent of but she reiterates that the demise and she uses the word demise of brian's x was that she wanted him all to herself and that she didn't want to be part of the family i'm just nothing about it it's kind of wild that we got these two date back to back where eric small mike explicitly says like i saw men in our family b2 attached to women and their mothers and so like i took a handsoff approach and mothering you to like my by forty year old son has my whole is my whole life and i'm gonna tell his girlfriend that i if she ever hurts him all killer that's wild that those to happen 'backtoback i'm sure that wasn't by axa i don't think of eric end um brian is the particular opposites but maybe in some ways they are yeah i i don't know.

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