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For you and me. Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking to oil and gas company insiders. It's a combination solar gas plants, a turbine that we just take from a gas plant suspended from a big scaffolding, a tower and surrounded by giant mirrors and the desert. The plants that were building the wind plants in the solar plants are gas plants. What kind of game would be played? I mean, Well. We're basically just being fed alive. For instance, you'll hear about Germany running on wind solar 35% right now, 50% of their power their days this past summer when the Germans were generating 80% of their power from the sun, But Germany is still Europe's largest consumer of coal oven and deserted you and demands the quarter before that, But then the cell hell there goes to till touch both. Hmm. Only a small fraction of their energy actually comes from wind and solar. In fact, Germany just built a large terminal to import natural gas from the United States. Elon Musk, the founder of Kessler, When he announced his Gigafactory battery plant, he said it with power itself with wind and solar energy through a combination of geothermal, wind and solar. It will produce all the energy that it needs. But in fact it has lines connecting it to the same electrical grid that we're all connected to. Electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels. Use rare earth metals, and in fact, the rare of mine is right up the street from here. Mining these deep deposit, But 90% of what they pull up out of the ground contains uranium story, um and low level of other radio nuclear. It's radioactive waste that has to be disposed of somehow. It kind of turned into a paste and spread it over the desert floor. Well, that's good for the desert, right? Yeah, doesn't love Tesla's electric cars are built with aluminum, which uses eight times more energy to manufacture than steel. To use with you, which also.

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