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Because this is technology that will infuse an argument every aspect to their business meet what do you think about that you know i think it's so uh funny you should say that on as we speak i'm sitting in my office are in my home which happens to be in northwest new jersey and uh since august by the way is a glass bossed off thomas edison and the reason i have it there is let's go south of the b one of my favorite places in the state of new jersey which i can assure you as a fairly short list hardtalk with ever i drive by edison's laboratory which i do pretty much every week uh i'm reminder that this was not just a great inventor but this year glued entrepreneur and a group disprupted right think about what it must of went through the surrounding enterprises when edison grew up electrified cash into his customers i mean either you've got with the program were well you could shudder you shop i'll i'll just more of a couple of articles on the link thin when that taught exactly it out this and anyone who wants to come follow me your join beyond late doing all we can you'll learn a lot more about my thinking on this anyway all but deployed i make it now is electrification uh changed the world of mattress to lecture the catchy think of transportation right witted floor do all by the automobile floor didn't just all create cheap cars secreted the suburbs he created entire new industries for whether it which for for opcat tires or service stations were all russia a wage you wouldn't believe in fact that i don't know if you know floored actually all one of those products was kingsford charcoal i turned out yet charcoal was a byproduct at the plant and and floor being floored watching to figure out a way to make a buck four and so not only duty tournament to charcoal supergun recruited the industry of picnicking.

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