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Symonds have announced the birth of a healthy baby boy this morning yeah mother and baby are doing well I'm sure the whole house will join me in sending congratulations all very right best wishes to them babies the third born that was sitting British prime minister this century Italy Santam corona virus pandemic strategy saying is Godfrey's prepared for a second wave of infections even bigger than the first year of its gradual re opening leads to a surge of new cases and the university research surveys found that alcohol consumption in Belgium is remaining mostly stable during the country's lockdown with only one out of four respondents saying they're drinking more while confined at all I'm Tom rivers at the A. B. C. news foreign does handle on it democratic U. S. senator Patty Murray says the trump administration continues to mismanaged the coronavirus response especially when it comes to delays in ramping up test kits come was Carlene Johnson reports senator Murray held a press call to criticize the lack of a national testing strategy where are the pets without a doubt the trump administration's early testing delays and missteps Constance dearly in time and why does president trump and his administration have made big promises on testing but have yet to come near delivering on those we're nowhere close but others blame longstanding FDA regulations for creating barriers to the private industry being allowed to create a test and get it out there Dr Anthony Fauci if you want to get the kind of blanket testing and availability that anybody can get it you have to embrace the private sector another issue has been many of the materials come from other countries all of which of needed supplies for their own testing Carly.

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