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Five we're asking if school started shutdown or have laid or not toledo pigs i'm sorry early dismissals when it's this hot out now online i'm kind of surprised by this actually it's pretty evenly split fifty two to forty eight fifty two saying no stay open for the whole day stop coddling but between the other choices either closed down the whole day or the half days are fine that's forty eight percent combine that that's pretty evenly split so what do you think about this bill is this just a turning kids into whiskies by letting them out of class early kenny you're on new jersey one on one point five hello hello kenny kenny what's going on no no well i'm from north carolina and they did they closed down there they did when i went to school thirty five years ago when it got hot but up here you know everybody's paying five ten fifteen thousand dollars a year in taxes how white house our school that doesn't have air conditioning because then there'd be paying twenty twenty five thousand yeah because of waste because a bloated administrations i gotta send my kid to school somewhere that doesn't have to school it doesn't have an air conditioning when you were growing up dollars when you were growing up did the schools even if they did still closed at the schools have air conditioning down there when you were a kid in north carolina yeah but what it was is there were some of the like if one of the elementary schools didn't have air conditioning they closed one school in the county that had to close them all at the same time that's the way they did it back then but you know my house someone's golden app it's six hundred dollars a year in property tax hey.

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