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Sink. I'm just like you. And I don't like that. I don't wanna be a one up, but I lived in a shit box that wasn't demolished some years ago that was eight hundred fifty square feet with no heat and no air. No hope and we had a garbage disposal. So that can't be your bar. You can't be your measure your unit of measurement for poor people because we were poor and we had a garbage disposal because everyone had a garbage disposal. Like you had a water heaters. Like, it was just an appliance that was in your house poor people at water heaters and rich. We've what I've lived in plenty of places without garbage disposal. But I still know what one is or or or dishwasher, you know, walk into someone's what is the dishwasher, and I know what a dishwasher, or if you rent like, you don't every time you walk by. So this house and the sprinklers. Go off what is the or Serena like it? Yeah. And also we were talking about this yesterday a competition to prove who was poor. And who is for that? It is. This nation police stop going. I know look, it's all. Woke units the more woke units. I can get the better chance I'm going to have. So I'm a woman. Okay. Here's to walk units. I'm hispanic. Here's a couple of woke units. I was a victim of of incest or molestation rape. Okay. Here's a couple of woke units. I was poor. Here's a couple of woke in. We'll give you more how how poor I don't know. What a governor's. Okay. Here's here's a four for you. More woke units now. I've Range Rover. Ooh. Some of those. All right. So you don't believe it. You know, how how could one believe that? Well, here's maybe she never had one. Geno fi garbage disposal. I would believe that what first off if you can identify Gars. You're you may be the richest person on the planet. Donald Trump has ever worked on he thinks Jimmy handle vodka. Kinda dare it with avocado husk. No. What the point of this thing? I I wrote it on a posted. I stuck into the marble back splash and yet. Here we go. No spaghetti. No, ex- shells. No have to say that. God damn weird. Allen ranch thing came with thing. I taped it to the side of it when I'm stalled it. Now, it's called fucking drawer with all the tape measures four one screwdriver like he'd ever seen one. Either changed worked on and many many Gartrell. Now, his can't be a rich, man. Poor man because even poor people have seen you are. Right. And so the thing that a little disingenuous is she may not have had winner house. That's fine. That's that. I who could ever say that's untrue, though. It's possibly untrue. But the part where she says, I don't know what this is is her trying to get some woke units from you because she had friends. She lived in a society. She certainly went to somebody's apartment at some point. They flipped it on and said made a noise and she went what's that? Also if you're playing. So ABC's Twenty-nine plan and drilling down. But she's young and her job is I got absorb information. What's going on in the Middle East? What's going on in Palestine what's going on? But and then I have to go on the Sunday morning talk shows, but on twenty nine from Brooklyn Jenny from the block, or whatever, I don't know all this do it. And then she goes onto the talk show, and she goes the six day war nineteen sixty seven the jiffy armed the Israelis with F eighteens. And and it's like, oh where oh she went. She button boned up on something. So she wouldn't look dumb on these shows which could plan utterly fine. You could do that with guards suppose, I do believe in the time it took to make video right? But there's something that there's something that she seems like she's trying to be precious about it. And I I don't appreciate it. Well, it's because she's trying to get you to feel away about something which you should feel that way about her policies your name. But it's not about the stop with the upbringings with the where you came from. Okay. So harry. Rosal insinkerator. All right. Listen milano. But see see? Larry's a man of great passion as well. And so there's going to be an aesthetic that works. Beautiful. Oh, wait. We have a list of weeping for daughter. She'll be doing.

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