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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another dish of the box and voice radio. It is Sunday, which is crow day. So if you ain't got two picks, right? You will begin fed some crow, when thank eighty Ruis junior and Anthony Joshua for putting on exciting matchup last night, making history and really giving the fight fans treat. I mean, a lot of credit has to be given to Andy Ruiz, but credits AJ fight given Ruis that opportunity to showcase his skills. And that's exactly what he did. Many of us did not believe he added an opportunity at getting this win. Many of us didn't pick them, but he came out on top. He showed us what's being, I guess thrown around as this weekend. Nds phrase don't judge a book by its cover. That's been the weekends phrase that's been everyone. You know, everyone's advice is don't judge a book bides cover. So we're, we're going to see how you guys seen this fight. What did you think of this fight, and, yeah, man, just your immediate reaction?.

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