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Brown well, now, the Broncos will wonderful right as you know and I'm a huge fan of their work and so Charlotte is named in honour sharp ron say ron was named after brother and there's also little through the book around. For example the miscarriage that Charlotte was a female and she named him let which is actually book by Charlotte Brown say so little homemade use. Like math and so brand-new. brandies. Is gained because this whole series part parody like version of what you already know. So now you have Oklahoma's a woman. Who has smarter brother MICR off that she has a brother brand-new. So he socially. Inept he just comes out and says, staff is rude. He's obnoxiously very much taken up with being the superior English office environment. So you got someone but he's Quite easy to paint him as. Spoken run dimensional, but you have to go beyond that one of the things I learned. What does it universities? The leaking people? They're not stupid that can get there for being stupid. They haven't been in power for hundred years through being stupid. Yeah. They are very intelligent. What you have is cultural ignorance. They not familiar with the coaches you make assumptions whatever. So that's where the weakness lies but. inherently. At his people that are very the people. So that's one of the things that made sure that I didn't making stupid at one kind of character was given death, and then as the story progressed using more and more because one of the key things when you how was. Writing Christmas in Calcutta which are found was when you write your first person everything that happens must happen to the narrator something can happen off stage because rated as an herb that is how do you say that? So that Mu- very much. defined the plot and when I was passing the second because it wow, this is really limiting for example, read Chila Kuhn's original stuff Luca. But he he talks about this very famous scene where they start a fire to see where some hidden something and they go rescue the object they want to save think photo something armament, and that's how you track them but. In films always shown us as is live but actually in the book is written as a flashback. Yeah. So because the narrator yes be totally stuff and that slows things down a lot. So that's why for the second book what I did was I said No. Uncouple and demanded that I have. Not. The. Narrator there. So what I did was created to narrators. Used going forward is the narrator get shallow her voice. So she writes from her as well in the second book. So that was. So that was way exploiting again tried to set myself a challenge and that was challenge how to Charlotte Right. So for Charlotte I'm not giving away but for Charlotte to look for something biblical modern and I, looked at the. Wolf sort of way the he's right and history of consciousness. So Mrs Dalloway all that stuff is very much A. Atmospheric. Rather than a meticulous documentation what's going on? It's more of a feeling of an atmosphere of a you know. and. That's what I wants to do with the shallow character because in the second book but. She returns back to read out the family home sort of fled from, and she sur deal with the feelings around that of the loss of has been all that stuff. So there was two narrators speaking and you could use that she could have. CHARLOTTE, Nissan around you could have. And the plot then bring them together and you could carry on with the nation. So that's how I solve that problem. So the Fed one, a birthday Bombay. So that was pastoring shove third one birth Bombay. Again, the plot demanded so was really into the segments of challenge and I'm not one for okay. Out What was going to? Charlotte but what I wanted to do was gay brand will his voice now brand new? Star was gain another way of saying how do you write Brian? Well, it's the way approach. Bama was. The. Stuff from the Nineteen Twenties and thirties out being written two books, for example, thirty nine steps. The riddle of the sands, all that stuff that very much nineteen thirties empire kind of stories you know boyzone stuff and row team as a third person. So he's peaking by himself the third person but really matt slightly sort of you know over the top empire kind of stuff. So that's what happened in that book. So as I say keep. Developing different things in stories and those stories I mean now as of gone into them, explore them for the full quartet. Caucus Calcutta Quartet. Setting knows her story the last one the horrible hall just to finish off. So that was done. Finished an February march time again they. brand-new narration was very successful I flew it gave me a lot of freedom to do stuff because you could. Then if you think about it, you vote and riding his first person, right Ronald. Writings the third person. So he was a nice vote dropping between two different. Writing Styles and be able to describe stuff induce things that weren't but wouldn't do sort of thing, and that's what I didn't stay fourth one as well. The horrible game brandman rates large chunk of it, but in narrates large chunk but what also does is Previously, button wrote about himself and Brand Bremmer Rosebud himself on his own there, you could twist it. You can have brand new writing about the narrator. So you'll viewpoint of the narrator is flit to the other narrator. So that kind of stuff you can play around within the books when you have those kind of narrators and I think one of the things that it sounds like you're saying an accent I'm excited about I've started the I. Look I i. am enjoying it so far and I was curious about and and I it sounds like you've answered it recently someone. And I don't remember who it may have been wrong. But someone else tweeted, Hey, don't know who needs to know this but if you have a If you're to leads are female and Male, you do not have to get them together and and I. it sounds like that's a conscious decision of. You want them to be equal to have friendships, but there doesn't necessarily need to be a romance nature in it. Absolutely I don't think you hit the nail on the head anything the classic example I a few when. Moonlighting. Cybill, shepherd and Bruce. Trust name Bruce Willis she's police. Yeah. So they had that chemistry will they won't they for couple of seasons? Yeah and that was really fun because they were. Is Tease wasn't it was that really well, and that the tension the mini fell show the. The atmosphere went from Matt series and they lost their way struggle and try to go back and break them up again..

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