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And now for some related links, of course we've got Matt peral's full essay for lawfare, where he goes much deeper into the legal arguments and innovation implications, it's linked at our site, marketplace tech dot org. And you don't have to take his word for whether section two 30 will apply to generative AI. The Washington Post reports that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has already waded into the issue during oral arguments last week, justice Gorsuch mused. I mean, artificial intelligence generates poetry, it generates polemics today that that would be content that goes beyond picking choosing analyzing or digesting content. And that is not protected. Let's assume that's right, okay? In that case at hand last week was Gonzalez V Google, a concerns weather recommendation algorithms like the ones that populate your next video on YouTube are protected by section two 30. Last October on the show, we spoke to Santa Clara university law professor Eric Goldman about the implications of that case when the Supreme Court announced it would take it up, which feels so long ago now back when chatbots were just those annoying pop ups that hounded you on retail websites. Jesus alvarado produced this episode, I'm Megan mccarty carino, and that's marketplace tech. This is APM. We know kids have lots of questions, and the ones about money can be the most difficult to answer. That's why you need our podcast million bazillion. In every episode, we find answers to the tough, surprising, and sometimes awkward questions kids have about money. Yep, from what is a black market to why do we get paid different amounts and what do grown-ups do with all their money? Million bazillion from marketplace, helping dollars make more sense. Listen to season four, wherever you get your podcasts.

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