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This from the epf the ice as a person contact the agency which concerns about the suspected florida school shooter but failed to investigate gene is working on that right now we'll get some details in just a moment but right now let's go live now into our nation's capitol president trump saying he is headed to florida today to meet with victims of the deadly school shooting justin gray reporting from washington that right now we're president trump has pledged to make school safer justin yeah he's told us that's what he plans to do he also said in a tweet this morning that he is working with congress on that issue is we don't know what that means we don't know what he's actually proposing to do he hasn't said any specific so what that can be so everybody sorta watching and waiting also congress has gone they left thursday day so no one really here work knee on anything that we know of in the halls of congress and back congress is as we've seen in past shootings pretty much routine when it comes to these kind of issues democrats call for gun legislation speaker ryan says we're not taking that up so curious to see what he is working on with congress seemed like yesterday they were just standing on their sides of the aisle fingerpointing and not doing any conversation now they leave i mean is there any signal to think that they're gonna do anything about this odds riyadh is absolutely not there is nothing that's really change you have the same situation as a we've added and other mask tragedies where you have democrats say we want some new legislation for background checks for assault rifle banned for a bump stock ban and then you have the majority the republicans saying that's not going to help the we we hear that over and over we interviewed on several members of congress from several different states yesterday and they said you know we have laws on the books we have to focus on the laws that are on the books and enforce them better so as the same lines we've seen from both parties in past tragedy he's like these justin angry now from washington thank you so much for joining us just don't wanna get to now too gene wexler who is.

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