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Be denied and it seemed to me like that was the thing that i took away from boy to fill the philadelphia offense of pliers were playing now early on in the game i felt like the defensive line of the philadelphia eagles actually was getting to brady they hit him a few times they got they got him on the ground they didn't you know they didn't stop them but early on they they forced him to make a few quicker decisions and he would have light but then as the game wore on both offense aligns completely controlled lunch scrimmage i'm yeah you don't have over eleven one hundred yards of offense unless those big boys upfront are doing something about it yeah forget about coverage for second with butler had a tackling i mean that was a bigger issue in this game for the patriots in anything else tackling and there was no pass rush their resides in the second half there was no past rush whatsoever james harrison was just the number ninety two and a and a uniform out there that where he was not doing anything special righted neither was flowers do an an sagui was your weakside the left tackle other could you imagine if the philadelphia eagles had their left tackle had jordan heck's there mid inside linebacker and carson wants all in that game there might have been fifty two six who knows david west chester daiwa's africa brother ho ho ho on or avocado on vogelsang about wanting to kind of give the kid the rave method germany but with this idea about if he was suspended for smoking bench for smoking hot u s a n had on that guy an x football player last week in the afternoon and he was saying how wrong the nfl is how it of giving a opioids they should be smoking uh and how it's so great that there's some natural mechanism in the brain and it's so helpful and how it's legal in all the states and on and on and on and on and on and so if this guy that smoke a joint did put noone in harm's way like robbie anderson hernandez on and on and on and on.

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