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In Brooklyn New York what's going on down how you doing average perspective it's great to hear you back again on Saturday morning and I I appreciate I appreciate everything that you guys are doing but keep the fan news and your loyal listeners involved I really also want to thank all the first responders the bodega people of everybody who's delivering it was working and doing stuff that are keeping the rest of us say amen we we don't say it enough that the job that these women and men are doing to keep our country Roland as we're dealing with this pandemic is it's great they're true heroes I'm glad you said that we all feel that way after thank you I thank you again also thank you so I'm here not to bury Caesar on here to speak out in favor of what the eagles and what Packers did okay I look at it as a as they did something simultaneously that will change football in the two thousand twenty seasons if there is a season we have sixteen games if one of those quarterbacks at church god forbid they have a they have a young quarterback to play in the that's not there it is patient the scene down the line are seventeen and eventually eighteen gauge changes and the quarterbacks will be given up by you're saying I think that's going to be the rule that they come up with a member ID number that being mumbled around a little bit but you think that's where they're gonna go absolutely because they need to protect the quarterback do you know you need to protect they don't need to protect the the guy coming to gunner on special teams they needed to protect the quarterback more people but not a full on the way but I think that the rules that they have set up over the last decade and a half is doing just that the quarterback is protected there's a reason why Tom Brady's able to plane was forties and a lot of it is credit to him of course but a lot of it is the protections that quarterback at quarterbacks get I don't think that the eagle decision to draft Jaylen hurts or the Packer decision to draft Jordan love has to do with rule changes or resting their starting quarterback and I think both decisions are very different the Packers are looking ahead they're looking at the fact that Aaron Rodgers is thirty six thirty seven years old and they are planning ahead I wouldn't have done it but I think that's what they're thinking in the eagle case they're showing you that they they think they can use Jaylen hurts as a weapon right now even with a healthy Carson once I think that part is obvious but I think the other part they show when they use a second round pick to draft a quarterback is they are worried about him long term and what's funny about this is I agree with that part I am worried about Carson Wentz long term but right now in this moment when I would have done about that is not Dr jaman hurts in the second round what I would have done was draft mortality helping with a championship in the second round and go get myself a solid veteran backup so that if something happens to Carson Wentz again whether it's in the wild card weekend or it's week twelve whenever it is I've got a veteran backup that I feel good about it I feel great about it but I feel good about it they had that with Nick Foles they could afford after awhile we understood that they could afford it and Nick Foles won't apply you want an opportunity to play a guy like in the dorm a guy like Jameis Winston assuming they are available as backup quarterbacks to me would have been that insurance policy because of course in which is broken to the point where I got to find a long term answer I got bigger problems and I will try to find a long term answer but I'm not trying to find a long term answer in the second round of the twenty twenty draft when I'm not convinced that's an issue yet with Carson Wentz one given up on so I disagree that this is about you know kind of forward thinking.

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