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With Iran and the United States and also nothing new to report on China and the US in their trade dispute now WGN traffic. Let's get the latest on that for Mary van devel- traffic is sponsored by the Illinois department of transportation. Plenty of accidents this morning. I off heading the Eisenhower inbound at Addison on the two ninety extension watch. for an accident there in our five in from fifty three twenty eight for mannheim thirty-five outbound to fifty three also an accident outbound fifty five still south on a fifty three two right lanes are blocked with an accident with the garbage truck in the semi heavy inbound delays from weber westbound i ninety at elmhurst road three right lanes are blocked with an accident and a car fire northbound three fifty five at eight that's blocking the two left lanes i eighty heading westbound at u._s. thirty watch for an accident and that's in the left lane lake shore drive's a bit tight into belbow the edens outbound is fine up on kennedy an inbound just about thirty two in both directions between o'hare and downtown inbound side of the ryan twenty-five from ninety five to downtown each year in illinois more than one hundred and fifty people die in motorcycle crashes driving responsibly and being aware really is a matter of life or death learn more at life or death illinois dot com for personnel traffic on demand get the traffic chicago app approved by the mortgage experts if team hochburg just say t. r. a. f. f. i x. chicago mayor van velde w._g._n. traffic central It's going to be partly to mostly sunny today, some scattered thunderstorms possible later in the day, higher seventy-five, only sixty five by the lake front for tonight, mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

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