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For joining us. Thank you for having me appreciate so the subject of this episode is one of my wife is actually very excited about. It's an icon of hollywood's age. Audrey hepburn hepburn rose to stardom in the romantic comedy. Roman holiday in nineteen fifty three alongside gregory peck and he became a lifelong friend and she was the first actress to win an oscar a golden globe and a bafta for a single performance that year and that same year hepburn won a tony award for best lead actress in a play for for her performance and online. She went on to start a number of successful films such as sabrina. And which humphrey bogart and william holden compare for her affections. Funny face a musical in which she sang her on song. Parts the drama the non-story throw magic comedy breakfast. At tiffany's the thriller romance girod opposite cary grant and the musical. My fair lady nineteen sixty seven. She started with a wait until dr receiving academy award golden globe bath. Nominations after that she disappeared little bit only occasionally appeared in film. One being robin and marian and nine hundred seventy six with sean connery last recorded performances. Where the nineteen ninety documentary television series gardens of the world with audrey hepburn. She's also one of only sixteen people to win academy emmy grammy and tony awards the much desired yacht for thirty rock fans out there. Heparin sadly passed in nineteen ninety-three after a brief fight with a rare strain of abdominal and colon cancer. She was survived by two sons on with first husband medicare and the other was second husband. Italian psychiatrist andrea fujii. Her state left the contents of a storage locker just stuffed with hollywood memorabilia to be split fifty fifty between the two sons but if only things were that simple right fight immediately kicked off between the two stepbrothers to evenly distribute the contents of their mother. Storage locker. this fight lasted twenty years. It's similar between the two for decades before becoming a legal finally in two thousand fifteen and ultimately the to allow the judge to settle it for them in two thousand seventeen snow this case features a pair of items that we've covered before on the show quite a bit namely how difficult it can be to define what even distribution means such as in the tom petty case and of course that's stepfamily will often fight so basically every other episode of the show over..

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