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Actually can do what we call a turtle swim it rolls. Like rovers do nuts. It's normal operation. But we actually came up with a way that if we find ourselves and really soft soil where you could easily see a rover getting stuck. Just doing rolling. You're actually have a way to kind of swim or crawl out of it and I hope we don't have to use it because that means things are are challenging on the mission. But it's nice that we have that and that's like nothing anyone has ever seen before. I think our execution model is also going to be very different. The agency is always looking for how it can be increasingly more relevant to current capabilities and technologies and our team has already demonstrated ability to to push us forward to kind of path. Find that frankly this clips contract is yet another example of it. The moment NASA is able to acquire capability from industry. It should not be competing with that and it has no interest in competing with that I joke with people that whenever I go and travel. I don't fly on an asset. I flying coach on a commercial airliner like everybody else. And that's because the commercial world has brought cost efficiency savings and all that to it to make that the smart thing to do and so maybe the mission that'll follow behind. Viper WILL BE ONE. That's commercially provided. Maybe it'll be a commercially provided over. That's great the industry's ready to do that. Then let's path find on that route and we spend our activities with the NASA. Doing the really hard and very risky stuff. That isn't really possible by for profit commercial industry. We just always keep that as our divining. Rod doesn't agency going forward to great things links to topics discussed during our conversation along with Dan's bio and a show transcript are available at Apple Dot Nasa Dot Gov Slash podcast. Dan talked about the Commercial Lunar Payload Services Initiative that will deliver viper to the moon. Go Get to learn more about clips during our next episode. When Steve Clarke the NASA Science Mission Directorate Deputy Associate Administrator for exploration joins US ON THE PODCAST? If you have ideas for guests or interview topics please let us know on twitter at NASA apple and use the Hashtag. Small steps. Giant leaps as always. Thanks for listening..

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