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Now police and the medical examiner were called to the scene and their brief investigation ruled the death. A suicide Wayne was lying in bed. There was gun on the floor next to his body open and shut they said but now investigators wondered if maybe it wasn't so open and shut. Maybe they'd made a mistake. Because maybe Wayne Millard had found himself on the wrong end of his adult sons. Killing spree. Delon was after all the one who found his father's body that morning and when questioned at the time he told investigators that he was staying with a friend of his father's death and of course you won't be surprised at at all to know that the friend that he claimed he was staying with was mark. Of course. Now here's the really interesting part. I think at the time of his death. People in Wayne Circle like employees employees and associates were actually told that his sudden death was the result of a brain aneurysm. They had no idea that it was ruled a suicide so there wasn't even even anything for people to be suspicious of his employees and associates. Didn't even realize what had really happened until Delon was charged charged with Laura's murder and then Wayne's murder and that's when the people close to them learned like the truth about what really happened to him and I think if they had known like the real you'll cause of death like maybe his employees could have raised alarm bells a little bit sooner because the story among employees when they actually got talked to was was that Wayne was threatening to cut off his son financially. Like basically they knew that Dylan was spending way too much money not taking any responsibility for the family business snus and like kind of trashing. This family business that his father and grandfather had worked so hard to build up Wayne had basically gotten to the point where he wasn't GonNa sit by anymore and watch. His only son ruined the business that he worked so hard to build so he was about to cut him off again. All of this is going on and nobody really knows that because at the time police were like open shut and then everyone decides to lie about how he died so like the right. People weren't connecting now once investigators reopened this this case. Luckily they did have physical evidence to revisit. Specifically there were these X.. Rays that showed the bullet and its trajectory through the eye and police had kept the gun that assumed weighing used when like the death had happened when it seems like it was a suicide will. Wouldn't you know it. The gun had Delon Alan Millard. DNA on yeah and more than that Dylan had purchased the gun like it was the one that he had bought in the days before Laura Babcock's disappearance disappearance and probably I don't know this for sure but probably the same murder weapon and you know it's so interesting when I look at this specific case because recently I I was talking with a retired state police investigator from another state and he had some really good insight. He said you know back when I was running my squad like I taught every investigator investigator to treat every death scene like a homicide. I like. It doesn't matter what it is like old guy in a nursing home woman found the side of the highway or even a scene. That looks a lot like a suicide. Treat it like a homicide. I because it's so much easier to like back down from a homicide to a suicide than to go the other way around right. So as a part of the reinvestigation the coroner who ruled the death as suicide at the outset admitted that it was the first time he ever seen someone die. Hey by suicide with a gunshot through the eyes so he was new to him I guess but like he said it seemed clear to him at the time fine but he could like see looking back on it that maybe was his inexperienced. Here's the part that like I can't chalk up to inexperience. Apparently even at the time like Nick even though they thought it was probably a suicide. They tested his hands for gunshot residue. There was no gunshot residue on Wayne's body like anywhere of course there wasn't so yeah I guess like I don't know how you rule that a suicide like I'll never figure that part out it doesn't make sense. It's to me so during his initial questioning. When police like originally investigated Wayne's case and decided it was a suicide Delon told police that his father was was lonely? He drank too much he was having problems with the business and like some of that was true. Wayne did have known issue with alcohol but at the time he was in a new relationship relationship it was going. Well they had this spin off aviation business that he spent years building for his sons and was close to opening doors to the customers alike. Yes he might have had some problems with alcohol but like everything else in his life seemed like it was on the upswing right. The morning his dad had killed himself dylan was cool as a cucumber. Speaking to police like on the morning that he supposedly found his dad dead comb collected. I mean I guess. Not so calm that it raised flags but he was like definitely cool. Definitely collectives enough to be notable. Yeah well he has so much so that police didn't really question him because as far as I could find they never tested his hands for any kind of gunshot residue because if they would have they likely would have seen something there in the end Delon and mark were tried an convicted in two separate trials for the murders of Timbo Zeman and Laura Babcock for their crimes. They'll serve two life sentences back to back with no possibility of parole for fifty years for the death of his father. Delon was found guilty and was given a third life sentence with no possibility of parole for twenty five years to be served consecutively. After his other sentences total he'll serve about seventy five years before he's eligible for parole and when that time comes he'll be one hundred and two years old. Okay so there's just like one thing that's kind of still unresolved for me so I feel like we're all reasonably sure that Delon Ellen himself was responsible for the death of his father and for Laura Right. Yeah I'm I'm pretty sure okay but Tim. Bozeman was a complete stranger ranger to both guys like. What was the motive and for that matter like who actually pulled the trigger if they were both convicted? Yeah see that's the thing the evidence it doesn't tell us who pulled the trigger but the crown didn't necessarily have to prove that in court Bay said that those details like who actually held the gun who fired and it didn't matter. It only mattered that Dylan and mark both knew what was happening that night and that they were basically in it together overall the case against both of them World largely circumstantial and tied together with like this digital footprint of texts and calls and web searches and photos like all that stuff that they left behind. It's interesting because at the trial they pretty much admitted to killing Tim Bozeman but each of them were pointing the finger at the other. The majority of the defense's case was is built on exactly this kind of finger pointing Delon said that he was surprised when mark fired the gun from the backseat of the truck. During test drive that basically like mark was high a and he was shooting on accident and mark said he wasn't even in the truck when the gun was fired he was falling behind in. Dylan's SUV like the whole trial is like this back and forth and back and forth finger anger pointing finger pointing but when mark eventually went to trial like these were separate trials. The courtroom also heard from two young men like high school students who had bought drugs eggs from mark. They said that mark actually confessed to them later that summer and according to those kids mark told them that he had killed girl burned her her body and threw her in a lake so to even go back to your thing like hey we think Dell and killed his dad and Laura. I don't even know about that heat. Mark might have had a a bigger role in Laura's death as well but we will never for sure. No which is the truth or what. The full truth is and as for motive people people really struggled with this in the early days of Tim Bozeman investigation. And frankly I'm still struggling with it now like sadly it seems like the motive was simply a truck a truck dylan. Millard could have easily purchased with cash if he wanted to. But if you're looking for a better why and it's hard not to. There really really isn't one to be found here but I would say you know. It's hard to find upside in all of this. I would say like Tim died senselessly but it was his case and the diligence. Everyone who worked it that I think stopped a monster who knows where his succession of thrills would have led eighteen or how many victims he would have taken in.

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