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Heat up and NBC has you covered with our road warriors on the ground and Steve Kornacki at the big board for mornings with Joe and Mika to evenings with Chris, Chris, Rachel, Lawrence, and Brian make sense of the midterms all fall on MSNBC here with me for my maiden voyage on the off message podcast is none other than the most on message politician, perhaps in Washington DC the Representative of Louisiana's first congressional district and the house majority whip. Steve Scalise Mr.. Scully's welcome to the program sham. Great to be with you. Congratulations. And hopefully this this launches you into, you're going to be like a household name all across the country. Let's hope so. Welcome to off-message. I'm Tim Alberta. It's a real privilege to take over the hosting duties for this podcast, and I promise I won't screw up too badly as the chief political correspondent. For politico magazine. I am tasked with writing deep nuanced unhurried feature stories and to do that. I have lots of deep new. Onced unhurried conversations with sources and subjects along the way. Some of the salty language in sports Gosper side. I'm confident that those interviews will translate nicely to this new medium and don't worry. We'll try to keep the f. bombs and box scores to a bare minimum. Ultimately, it's my hope to broaden the mission of off message and take these conversations in a new direction focusing not just on the newsmakers themselves, but on the people who elect them Washington is hopelessly disconnected from the rest of America. And one way to bridge that gap is to make sure we're listening to voters, not just talking to them. Stay tuned for more on that front for now. However, with just weeks until the mid term elections, a potential pivot point for the country politically. And otherwise I wanted to bring you an interview with someone who's future hinges on the results of November. The sixth, someone who has become a household name for reasons they never expected and someone who could potentially become the next speaker of the house that someone is congressman, Steve Scalise. It's. A bit of an ironic beginning to my off message tenure as Scalise is quite possibly the most on message politician. I have ever covered someone who's every word is wrapped in caution and calculation. That's especially true these days having a stabbed himself as a top Lieutenant in Donald Trump's Republican party and with a potential promotion looming after the midterm elections Scalise can't afford to alienate any Republicans on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue. I, I got to know Scalise lease in two thousand twelve when he won an upset victory to become chairman of the Republican study committee, which for decades had served as home base for the conservative movement on Capitol Hill that is before the line house, freedom caucus spun off into a smaller more ideologically charged unit. I will never forget a member of then speaker, John bainer staff predicting to me back then that Scalise would end up climbing his way into the House Republican leadership ranks. It wasn't that Scalise was the sharpest policy mind or the smoothest talker or the most telegenic fellow on Capitol Hill. What made him stand out was his organization and his discipline and sure enough within a few years Scalise was elected, majority whip. The third ranking member of the House Republican leadership with speaker Paul, Ryan now retiring Scalise is poised to move into the position of majority leader. And if Kevin McCarthy can't corral the votes needed to replace Ryan Scalise will be the odds on favourite to become the speaker of the house. That is, if Republicans can keep the house majority a dubious proposition at best. Of course, Steve Scalise is noteworthy for other reasons. He was nearly killed last summer when a gunman opened fire at the Republican congressional baseball teams practice hemorrhaging so much blood that doctors believed he was within moments of death when he arrived at the hospital after months of surgeries and physical therapy and grueling rehabilitation, ska lease received a hero's, welcome last September when he returned to Capitol Hill for the first time. It was one of the few feel good moments we've had in Washington in recent years. I sat down with Scalise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was set to headline of fundraiser for one of his fellow members of congress. I wanted to start our conversation by talking about his continued recovery from the shooting, but there was a more timely matter he wanted to discuss. So we were just talking about drew Brees quarterback for your.

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