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And Empathy makes it sound like who actually know how you stood out. Just get in. The county's chris is you know the wonder woman we've got in the penny jenkins it's very attached to humanity time but this one at this point the goods wonder woman. Can we also talk about. She had no problem. Decapitates steppenwolf both but in one eight. Four she was like nine back. God this making all those decisions. Which is i'm just gonna like around the beginning just wondering i'm sure time will tell us not the same nudie right. This is a different. You know this was done before that was done. They've already decided to change up but also like with lows saying chambers a different someone who's bragging his slaughtering people who massacred worlds whose whose whole purposes the served basically the devil. Sorry you know murdering people whose compared to someone that you can actually see redemption in. Who is human that you're trying to save hard from gal. Gadot disclosure giant crossland. Gal gadoe this pain huge huge amount of money for a wonder woman to gaul. And we're erasing wonder woman nineteen eighty-four from existence. Young girl. i should just want to say. Do you know that same. Where where superman punches steppenwolf. And he flies free when she said off. He's head flies for the puzzle a- dossey stumps on if you play that scene with multiple combat theme brought the goes very solid city fasting. I've been trying to edits old together. You don't think gossip's cutting great now. The see that the indian better actually. The ending was my favorite part of the whole movie. Happen not truth. For what what. I mean by that like when the movie stops and it goes back to. Hbo screen saying you want to watch something else. That morty rick. And morty we are this is the economic question of the entire experiment. Want to what something else in. Hbo accident say. Nah i had to go throw up. So i didn't watch that is up. Problem aren't clicking. I would like to say you enjoy the original version of justice league right over this one. The original you. Basically looking at suits heads in thinking which one's the shiniest would need chapters in this version because that was that was nice natural like stopping points. Because you're throwing up so much in the back of your mouth. You need to like our whatever that was a nice touch but we're looking pretty good guys slap himself in the basic couple of your time just like this so i i don't understand. Why zack snyder. Keep eating the keys to franchises than drive them into the ground and then gets more keys. And i think that he should go back to be making a Don't even get me started. I've never even seen the end of that movie because you can't finish it. I mean that's the point. Lewis made little. You said that a couple of weeks ago. Years like who who. Who decided zack. Snyder was going to be universe. This is the problem. Is that marvel and he actually knows what he's doing and the exact cider and he does not on pretty sure nolan victim in. Yeah i'm just saying if you're comparing if you have one of the creative director of the other is a producers so there's like i needed a good screen whole series. Though he was setting up they told him. We want the marvel thing. We want this eighty billion different movies for every character gets their own series. Then we'll have the group series. It's all going to be connected in. You're going to be the one that's gonna be doing. He said i'll do five movies. I have a five movie art. And that's why and that's what everybody signed on for like that's what afric- said that's what you know all these casting signed on for us okay. Five movie like arco deal. Bbs justice remind justly to mansfield understood. Good showrunner do seinfeld gonna get a standard. They were gonna all have standalone locos. They were that was later. That had that was going to be outside of snyder's should've came erecting. Say about blue. The just the fact that cider was so opposed to boo and wheaton was like okay. Find who the fuck gares ozark was. Just the idea. That snyder was so opposed to this guy who is supposed to be a twenty year. Old college kid saying booyaa at some. I have a moment of victory talking. Crazy why volley anti. It's anti fan when i'll say it's anti fan wear piloting cultures. Though there you go commerce on i love. I love berea great but looking at szabolcs character in the movie. His big marvin is kind of that. We vision. He's having his parents at the end and if he's just like That'd be pretty weird. Like i just couldn't see them putting in Letting his cigarettes laser beam it could simple. Yeah i may be because he was he was sir happy before then nagara through the whole movie. I don't know if it's just the tone of ways. The actor agree blackmail one now. He's press he's never gonna have like his normal human life back to israel. You better have robot young. You.

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