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Couples remain the driving force. In other words, two incomes are better than one it's rabbit season for the SPCA as we hear from wwl's Chris Miller despite warnings year in. And year out the Louisiana SPCA says people still give away rabbits during Easter. And it comes back to haunt them. Sixty rabbits, come into the shelter and majority of those were within a couple of months after Easter the SPCA. Shelly patents is people. Don't stop think about what it really takes to take care of a rabbit animals that have different needs than dogs and cats than the SPCA is left doing the hard work of finding new owners who can take on the needs of rabbit ownership. So the bunnies won't have to be put down former Louisiana governor, Kathleen Blanco is now under hospice care state legislature announced yesterday that our health is deteriorating after she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma that was back in twenty eleven she publicly announced last December that the incurable cancer had spread throughout her body. WWL TV's, Leslie spoon. The FBI in Colorado is on the hunt for an eighteen year old woman who flew from Florida to Denver bought a gun and disappeared agents were ticked off. After they learned that she was infatuated with the nineteen ninety nine massacre at Columbine high school, and they say this all started in Florida.

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