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Saying play WGN radio on and next our media group station it's thirty five degrees at nine o'clock good morning everyone I'm Steve Chris Hanisch the deuces sponsored by team Harper early season snow fall in the Chicago area some locations in nearly three inches here's WGN's Ryan borough with more the leaves are still on the trees with the snow is already falling here in Chicago making for a miserable morning commute inches of snow reported in the west suburbs half inch reported at midway airport a winter weather advisory issued for parts of northern Illinois through ten AM and this isn't just a one time event snow showers and flurries are expected through Friday which could make for an unpleasant hollow we Vernon hills is already pushed trick or treating back to the weekend in the loop Bryan Burrough WGN news from the WGN weather center this morning meteorologist Tim McGill says this is just the start of wintry weather that could affect Halloween plan the rock coming later on tonight into tomorrow that little bit more widespread most areas will see about one to three it looks like there could be some spots west and northwest of the city are from northwestern suburbs apart to Kane lake McEnery counties out towards the cal que they could see up to three to five inches now during the day tomorrow will have the full forecast later in this newscast no classes again today first Chicago public school students it's a ten day out of the classroom leaders on both sides of the go sheeting table say they're committed to making a deal and possibly one as soon as today yesterday the city made its latest offer to the teachers here's WGN's Courtney Grossman sixty percent pay raise over five years a commitment to putting nurses a school social workers in every public school and thirty five million dollars to help reduce class.

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