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Now joe thornton got one point or this in the last twenty games. Joe thornton got one point. Wayne simmons has got three and Piang goal has got four. So that's half of your bottom six. That's never on the board never and then moving guys in and out like we saw nic robertson. Scott saverin played a game. And i think they're trying to get a feel for okay. What could or lineup lookalike. And then guys. I know geyser because i've been on teams like this. You're looking for the new guy to come in and start playing well. They got to wait for netflix. And then they gotta wait for william mainlander so the guys are looking for something. That's not there we'll and then you get sloppy and then you scramble and then all of a sudden you're goalie spring some leaks and i mean it looked jack. Campbell was not gonna stop the puck ninety five percent of the time right otherwise he was the best goalie in nhl history and so now stopping it at a boat idiot and a half percent which is a little low for him. But you've got some issues. And so i would say in the next week or ten days. You'd like to see the lineup. At least stabilize to a certain point and that includes matthews who sat out last game wall. All right when you look at the goaltending ill. There's been so much. Fanfare around jack campbell. Deservedly so many sets a franchise record in wins all dot to use your word leaky Against the winnipeg jets in the first period Play goal goes off his glove. Maybe he was spooked call. Connor shoots in a similar spot. Beats him clean enough concerned that you look david rettig and you go who they may depending on what happens with freddie anderson david rettig all all of a sudden becomes a real big piece. And i'll let you answer that but think about this too. i. I like the story of jack campbell. There's not much not to like but the history of jack accountable and like you. I like being around super positive people. And he is that and then some but in this market in a canadian market in general there can be too much of that right because you amplify the highs but the amplify the lows. You know money against montreal. He comes out and says. I was embarrassed by my effort. Like it's too much of one thing and then lays an egg against the jets in in the first period of thursday's game like i if i'm doing toronto. Pr i'm probably keeping him away from zoom media availabilities for a little bit. Just let things settle down. Okay so couple of things one. I think whether we're concerned about the goaltending or not. The leafs are because they traded a third round. Pick right for essentially a backup goalie right. The uncertainty over anderson's health been very protective of jack campbell's health as well. I think i think it is a concern because there just is uncertainty as for campbell..

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