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But out expect a veil to get a little run tonight david west is still allowed is he was out for the funeral but shaun livingston back and andrea dollars back in there so they got some of their regular cast a characters and with with a livingston and they've the dollar both now playing last night out expect them to get some uh some healthy run tonight for for the warriors have i'll kevin durant i mean he was incredible last night 33 points 12 of 17 shooting six of 7 from 3point range and in picked up the team on a night where they absolutely needed it let's you one more from durant about whether the warriors are already kind of have their mind on the allstar game and just where they're at right now as dramas abroad class travel and also we trauma admitted asia's she fire chief john aquino discharge of get better every single day always hinges ruddy floater void all day and thinking about the break foot arnold's whereas where wary like an inbetween lugner gray area connell we just want to keep say to get better than i want some games and of course we get into the all star break into homes at home sold out of this all right yan warriors playing of back back in a matter of fact last night because after their loss in houston last weekend and then there are thirty point loss of the jazz during the week whereas lost to and a role on the road in last night they were in danger of losing threestrey road games for the first time since december of 2014 so they were able to avoid that last night and whether they now forty three in seven after a loss under steve kerr i wanna say jimbo gave me that's that last night so i think it was 42 in seven coming into the game last night so and they won last night so let the gun make it forty three in seven as i got a text jim bone.

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