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The methodist church has been targeted and in the city of lahore two years ago more than fourteen people were killed when two churches there were attacked about five thousand anc delegates are expected to vote for the new leader of south africa's deeply divided governing party later today the raise between the two main contenders appears close our correspondent andrew harding reports from johannesburg the current deputy president cyril ramaphosa is considered the front runners and is backed by south africa's business community glucosinolate lemme zuma as a more populist platform she supported by allies of president zuma her exhusband unusually the race appears close and tense with concerns about fraud in his speech president zuma acknowledged that the anc was struggling and divide did but he blamed outside forces in business civil society and the media the australian police have charged a man in sydney accused of working as an economic agent to brokered the sale of missiles and military expertise from north korea shanahan choi who is originally from south career have been living in australia for three decades mr chan is alleged to have organized the sale of coal from north korea to vietnam and indonesia to help raise foreign currency for cashstrapped pyongyang the australian authorities said the sales could have gone it tens of millions of dollars an investigation has been opened into the deaths of four newborn babies in an intensive care unit in a hospital in south korea the babies who died within two hours of each other was said to have suffered breathing problems before they went into cardiac arrest his helium hats on edification that several babies were receiving emergency treatment and soon launch an investigation they searched the hospital and the remaining infant patients have been transferred while the cause of deaths is determined some family members say they thought the babies had bloated stomachs before they died at least one relative was told not to worry about the bloating just hours before the deaths occurred world news from the bbc about eighty thousand people have demonstrated in the indonesian capital jakarta in protest of the recognition by the united states have jerusalem as israel's capital indonesia has the world's largest muslim population and the demonstration close to the us embassy was supported by the government the vietnamese authorities have fined at taiwanese steel company operating in the.

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