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When he came in the back of he looked like a frontline NFL guy. I would say this that Nick foes that you saw in the preseason, the same, Nick votes on a Super Bowl, which is inconsistency. He can go through stretches in which he's outstanding, and then go through stretches in which he's like, what are you doing? I believe that you can't factor in the Jeff Fisher years of Nick Vos, because you're not going to get an audience for me. We did that. There will be no case keenum there'll be no Jared Goff. And there would be no Nick foles. All three of those guys ended up in the postseason throwing the football looking good looking good. So we know what that they got fissured. Then. Insured and you have to almost throw those years case key consistent. Yeah. You know, if you look at you go back to Nick foles first ten year with chip Kelly. I think certain coaches know how to coach Nick foles is what it is. Certain coaches, nor coach, certain type of players. They know what to get what, what their strengths and weaknesses are and stay away from. Obviously the weakness. If you look at Nick foles when he was with chip Kelly, that's what guiding to the Rams is about muzo you know, hey, we can do this. In over to the Rams Rams at know what to do with, what do we do doing? Well? I don't know what do you wanna do? And then all of a sudden he goes back in even though they drafted Carson Wentz, Nick foles was there and able to say, we really is a backup for what we need to do. Because if anything happens or frontline guy, we're troubled anyway. And then all of a sudden they figured out, well, he can do certain things. Let's go back to what chip Kelly deal with them. Let's start trying to insert some of that into the lineup, go back to what he did university, Arizona. Let's see if that works out. Okay. He's a decent of court or defenses playing good, always able to make that incredible throat at you know, the pump seven to Nelson arguer when DV's looking in the backfield oh my God, we call fire right? Don't tell anybody. No confetti confetti. How much credit you also give Andy Reid because after Fisher, he left, but he came back and he was a backup for Alex Smith. And so you had a chance to spend a year with Andy Reid who knows also the great quarterback whisperer, but it wasn't. Andy Reid is more the Peterson. But then Andy Reid wreak restart the engine for lack of a better friend because he was so broken with the Rams he looked. He got so deeply fissured that he was almost to the point where he didn't even look like he was viable backup in this league anymore, much less. A guy that could take team and go through a couple of Super Bowl. I think you give it back too much credit in at quarterback Bob backups backup quarterbacks, man or awful. Let's be honest with play with a backup quarterback. He's not, but he. For example, though, bridgewater's an example like foles that guy that was a starter in the league and then through circumstances through injury or whatever. What A a lot lot of of Maxine. a starters. No, no, you guys are completely wrong. Nick foles was never a starter. Nick foles was handed the job shirt. He wasn't never started. Now you're a starter is being rothlisburger. A starter is Matt Ryan. A starters GIO by not. Twenty of them in the league with Blake Bortles start. What is this a backup, so. Okay. So we're exactly field just paid them like he's the starter because they had no the backup to him. You want to see that Colin Kaepernick. Just do it so your by your definition, you're talking thirty two teams. There are twenty starters fifteen real waters. Okay, more little twenty five. Yeah. So there's twenty. Then there seven teams in the league plan. A backup is their number one. Oh my God. Yes, that's how difficult the job is. I mean, I'm just making making jokes. Chechen buffalo, the Peterman do think he's started with five interceptions in first half that's a backup. Maybe. Maybe he could have had a record..

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