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Let's take a quick look at sports this morning, and we'll start off in the NHL. Blue jackets are on the road tonight. They'll take on the Tampa Bay Lightning the CJ heading into tonight's match with looking for their third straight win. Go jackets and the NBA. The Cavs close out the preseason falling you the pistons Friday night one twenty nine to one ten game. One of the CS last ninety Milwaukee Brewers take it six five game tonight. Also tonight, the L CS gets underway in Boston with the Red Sox hosting the Astros bingles has the Steelers on Sunday. Cleveland host San Diego and Ohio State will host Minnesota today in the shoe. So there you Bob, how do you feel about all that? I feel pretty good about some things. Yes. Steelers tomorrow against the Bengals. Yeah. It's gonna be a dogfight like always sides is that I'm I expect Bertha picked to be thrown out game at some points. Yeah. Something will happen or Judy will drop kick him again. Okay. I'm good with either one. Yeah. One of those scenarios. All right. It's going to be definitely every bit of a fall day on tap today. Clouds early sunshine by afternoon in a high of fifty three one thing we didn't get to in the sports, and you and I were talking about I just just mirror to ago was hashtag saved the crew with the which I think is a little preliminary. But okay now, and I will, but I will say this. I will absolutely say this because I think people by now have heard the heard the the the release the information that was shared yesterday that the that the Browns ownership is said to be partnering with some with a local group here to purchase the crew in the team here in Columbus. I will say that one I think people are getting a little head of themselves because it's it's it's they are planning to they are putting together they are doing this not it's a done deal and the Browns are involved. So let's be clear that. Things could not go as planned. Well, that's true too. However, where I thought that there was no hope there is hope. So I will stand corrected on that. In fact, I believe my exact wrong statement was no amount of hashtags is going to save our soccer team. And it seems like maybe it may maybe maybe. Abed? Yes. So what are your thoughts? What what were your thoughts? When you hear that news yesterday. Very happy for the city Columbus. I I've been to a few games over the state of watched the crew few times I played soccer in high school. But I'm not a big I'm not a huge crew fan. Like local teams. I always have. Yeah. Abso- very happy. You know, if it's if everything does come in. It's one hundred percent foreshore very happy that they're staying here. I think that's good for the city. Yeah. I think the team is is great. You know, just because it's another sport that we can watch it just adds to Columbus as a whole. You know, I I like the black and gold, obviously, sure I'm very good with their color scheme. All right by me. Mike. Who would want to change that? If I don't think. They will have a revolt on their hands. I don't think that they would want to change that. But I think they anytime those folks look at black and gold, they go, right? But my question is the local ownership group. Yeah. Now who's the guy who supposedly is part of a local ownership group that was looking at purchasing. Bobby layman Chevrolet. What was his name? You think that's who it is? No, I don't remember. That's the whole thing. Because remember how secretive that was. Yeah. We heard a Bobby layman had been purchased by a local group, and then months later, we find out that it's Mark Wahlberg. Yeah. I'm wondering if that's happening here because didn't he say that he would look into possibly buying the crew? I mean, all this. Together, a kind of the same time. I I'm not saying that that's what's happening because I don't know. Right. But my curiosity is piqued on this. Yeah. Yes. He did say that when he was confronted on live television. And I still and I still don't know how how one hundred percent he was he was into maybe we'll find out completely. And you know, he's in this deal. I don't know. I think it would be pretty cool fee is. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be a lot of fun. I mean, it's a lot of fun having Mark Wahlberg selling cars and tell not that I bought one. But I think by she had to go in there. The other day, I have to touch up paint for the hood of my car, which is a whole different story about my kid and his friends, and yeah held there's not gonna be any more kids in my garage ever get banning. I want to hear all right good. But anyhow, so I go there. What I walked into the parts departments. Never what it was completely devoid of everything on the walls in like the waiting area. Excellent movie posters and guess who gets who they were posters where they were which I'm trying to remember the happening and the perfect storm. Now, there's an it looks like here's a new one. That's coming out. Yeah. Not the one that just got raised. But it looks like another new ones coming out this month or yeah. Yeah. I think that was in there. I don't remember what the artist oil is at all. I saw the walls are two of your posters. That's it. That's fun. Well, good good news all around yesterday. I think and and you know, hopefully, hopefully that'll pans out in time. We'll tell on that. Let's get to the lines. You've got dick from Dayton. Dick. You're on six ten WTVN. Good morning. Good morning. Joe? How are you? Good. How are you man? Pretty good. Pretty good. I I'm shocked still Joe I they they pulled another victory off last last Sunday your Browns. Yes. Well, you know, you predicted for that they were going to get four wins this season. So so what do you think they're on pace for that? Or are they gonna do better? I think they'll do a little better. I'll go on five. Now. See now, you you you start getting the win column. You start getting a little greedy on it. Are you already looking at playoff tickets? No, no. But at least I think they got a chance tomorrow. Well, for sure Browns fans seemed to have a reason to to be to. In something that you don't say every year or decade reasons to to to to look up and be cheerful and feel good about the season. Yeah. And the big win tomorrow to Pittsburgh. And yeah. Yeah. Cincinnati fragrances Jannati took the Bengals I told you producer by maybe two points. Okay. Well, I would think that I think that's on the low end. I think the Bengals will do better than that. I'm not happy with that. I'm sure you're not. Oh. But the Indians I was so disappointed in them go. Well, how did that happen gone? I don't know how that happened. They went I think they hit a buzzsaw. Well. Yeah. They sure did. It was bad. Hey, I wanted to tell you district manager got to meet all of us from the district had had fifteen to twenty years. We had a little party. It was pretty nice this week. How long you been there? Twenty two and a half years. Wow. That's a long time. Oh, yeah. Still, you know, a lot of good people there from Columbus. You know, a lot of people come there and tell our manager that are you hear dick Joe show. So life is good buddy nods. Good stuff, man. Yeah. And I predict the buckeyes a win twenty eight ten tomorrow today today. Yes. All right. Well, tomorrow, we'll know for sure tomorrow woman. All right, dick. I've got to move along. But thanks for the call this morning. All right. Yeah. Okay. Bye. Bye. All right talk. You later six one four eight two one nine eight hundred six eight hundred six ten WTVN. Let's go to Nick, Nick, you're on Saturday morning. Open phones. Good morning. Good morning. Joe? Thanks for taking my call. I want to comment on wife Cavanaugh should not have been selected. Now last week. I said that you know, if the people calling the shots, that's the people in Detroit. They want him. He'll be in. If not he won't now. I guess they wanted him. You know from my standpoint, I can see why he plays ball. We don't know the whole thing about him. He was one of the drafters of the Patriot Act which trace the fourth amendment. But he's okay with that, you know, he thinks more governors valances. Okay. As well as a police state. And you know, anyone could be labeled as an enemy combatant combatant. And he's sweet he's four excuse me. For for broadly, expanding use of torture, and he doesn't believe in privacy. He thinks Roe versus Wade to settle. So you know, it's not expecting to do anything about it. And he's also not against ObamaCare. Now. I think if people wanna know about the judge judge Andrew Napolitano has it'll comment on that you could you could probably, you know, Google ad or whatever. But. You know, I think conservatives and others they're in for a rude awakening. He's not the constitutionalists. People people think he is now he's going to do what he's told. And I I think the whole investigation is passed was just part of the plan. You know, you make it look like they're giving him the third degree, you know, when the new along he's going to be selected because he's played ball for years and years. And now he's getting his reward. He should have been rejected for unconstitutional reasons. Not for something he allegedly did thirty years ago. And why didn't the Democrats bring that up? You know, you know, because he fits in with the rest of them. And that's why he was picked. It's just business as usual. Thanks, joe. All.

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