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We get any precipitation at all of those systems that are merging if they shift just a little bit. It'd be a little more snowy across the southern portions of the tri-state or we might not get it at all you never know. We'll wait and see. That's the other thing for the more. Advance notice you have historically the less likely. We are to get it when they start the hypodermic though, their benef-, you I guess that have panned out that said this was going to be a biggie. But by spend a while since you mentioned up front you have GPS does your phone lower. You are when you're traveling around. Yeah. I get my car tells me how long it would take me to get home. Or if there's some routine I'm in. I just noticed the other day by phone thinks I work at the BP out. Get in the car the morning. It tells me how long it takes to get to the BPM Montgomery road. Coming up our news at five thirty. We're going to have more on the president's trip today to the southern border. He continues to push for the wall between Texas and Mexico. More fifteen minutes. News Radio seven up wwl five seventeen bacon for breakfast. Pretty common actually bacon is getting to be almost any meal at this point and McDonald's is diving big into bacon. They are coming out now with the bacon. Big Mac, the bacon. Quarter Pounder with cheesy bacon fries on the side. At a lot of bacon. And of course, Americans love bacon. I like the smell of bacon, the taste of bacon. There's not an aspect of bacon. I don't like, you know, there's a place at Findlay market. I can't think of the name of it. Now, they have twelve different at least twelve twelve or fifteen different flavors of bacon. And you're saying they can flavors final by itself. Mike, what's the problem? Well, if you try it you'll realize. Cajun bacon is pretty good. Cinnamon bacon is pretty good. I didn't. I mean. I think we bought like four. I don't think there's a bad batch of bacon. You can get down there. I haven't. I mean, they don't.

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