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This is Bloomberg Nara Liana. Thank you so much now coming up on Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Stephen Michael Smith, head of Europe equity strategy at J P Morgan asset management joins me next as the stock six hundred trades unchanged in this session the ten year. Treasury yield news on a two forty-three handle. This is Bloomberg. The invitation to Lexus is not set like other invitations. It is offered with passion and distinction by treating everyone as a guest in our home at the invitation Alexis sales, you're invited to experience everything that makes Lexus Lexus between nineteen U X two fifty hybrid for three thirty nine a month for thirty six months with thirty nine ninety nine experience. Amazing yet, you're watching. Call one eight hundred USA reportedly suffering pricing all customers will qualify. Offer. Valid Alexis eastern area only at I twenty nine hundred danika Patrick watching my nieces grow play. And learn is amazing. But not every child gets to be carefree one in six kids in the US are hungry. This breaks, my heart. And it's something that Feeding America is working to change each year. The feeding American network of food banks rescues billions of pounds of good food that would have gone to waste and gives it to families in need to help. Visit Feeding America dot org. Brought to you by Feeding America and the Ad Council. Are you interested in a challenging and exciting career one where you can be part of solving complex challenges across industries and geographies? Bloomberg's ever-expanding technology data news and media services foster innovation empower clients over nearly limitless opportunities for career growth. Visit Bloomberg dot com slash careers today. View. Our current job opportunities. Bloomberg LP is an equal opportunity employer. The address once again is Bloomberg dot com slash careers. Where.

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