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And finally London's police force which is called the metropolitan police service is looking to follow the NYPD's example by using its name brand clothing and other merchandise, but will it take off while Monaco's fashion editor, Jamie waters joins me now in the studio. Looking quite military yourself brand new military haircuts have to say, very nice, Jamie. This has precedent. The NYPD's the line of fashion that they have has been pretty successful massively successful. And the the the met has has cited and my pity as their kind of inspiration. I mean, payday merchandise is it's all over the place in York and LAPD was also successful that's worth millions and millions. I think that's kind of what they're thinking. That's what they've said that they're inspired by. But I think this is quite a different case there. It's a very different brand. Because he's talking about the place as a brand. And the that London's place is a very different kind of cased from from New York. And so what exactly they planning clothing stationery? What will it be? Yes. So yeah. Some clothing, I think some homeware stationary. They've done a few a few paces that you can that they've already had like cufflinks and. And then a bear. But it will be more caps, which is the famous NYPD one. I perhaps these that's kind of what you imagine that sort of thing. Yeah. And then I guess Mogs, and and that sort of thing and the other the other kind of example that closer to home is is charts for London which does have its own merchandise. But I think that's probably not I don't wanna be looking to that as the inspiration because I think that's I mean, that's no winner successful as NYPD's merch. I wonder how successful this will be though because British people don't some of them. Don't have a great relationship with the Mets not seen as anything, particularly cool. So he's likely to wear NPS branded clothing, this is this is the kind of question because the NYPD an LAPD the is a sexiness to that brand which is from years of pop culture and Americans do by that you say NYPD merch on select. Liberties quite often get to the publicy. I mean, I think London is not like could it be buying this? So it will. I mean, the plan is over foreigners the hope so. Yeah. And it's not actually done by the false itself. There's a branding company taking care of this year. There's a good a good branding agency point eight or one which has done branding for the take galleries and filet on. And it's got it's got good customer. So I mean, I'm sure to job of the branding. But it's the question of whether you know, visually may look nice. But it's the whole perception of the Brad's it's about more than what what the actual much looks like means this with the met nor the the Scotland Scotland Yard that will be, you know, it's more than just the visuals chance that people might impersonate police officers by wearing yes, this is also something that's been brazen. They've said that strict regulations about that the merchandise can't be the same as as the actual. Uniforms. But I mean that of course, that makes sense. That's good. But I think if you're out at night, or whatever you might not no one's going to know. Exactly. They might think it's variation of the uniform. I don't think we're going to be okay. No that's not the official uniform because I'm fully aware of all the regulations. So that is something that, you know, something that's been raised. And you know, they've kind of. Who knows there's been some questionnaires online. I've been looking at it about people aren't whether or not they would buy it. And one of the reasons that people giving that they don't wanna be confused for police officer. I hate it. What a great Halloween idea for tonight. Sure, we could be just as police, Jamie. Thank you very much. Indeed, Jamie waters is Monaco's fashion editor, and that's all that. This addition of the briefing. It was produced by Reese, James and researched by yearning, gopher and math. Lebron a stadium. It was Christie Evans, the beating is back tomorrow at the same time you join Andrew from the Dory. House live at eighteen hundred dollars here in London that's thirteen hundred in New York thirteen God. Thank you. Phil listening.

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