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Three. And has scored two goals. Both goals here in Game four Buck in the Lightning zone park it takes over. Little estate to center up the right side takes a hit, dumps it in the Boston zone played there by crude circles. Right side feeding Krejci Recchia cross the red line and bumps. And the Lightning. Take it back. Johnny Gord. Fires it out to center. Knock down there, played by Charlie Coyle and whistle stops play. As Yanni. Gord is down on the ice and not moving. Warded. Move the park down. He's starting to move a little bit. Johnny Gord, who's laying down in his defensive zone right on the hash marks after he made the play up the ice Sam, one of the Boston Bruins players, and I had a hard time seeing who it might have been Nik Richie. Really took a late hit Adam and right now the Tampa Bay benches, all looking down at their monitors to see if they can see the hit as Yanni. Gord lays down on the ice, but in the replays that I saw it looked late, and you can see it there and I believe it was Nick Ritchie, who came in and finished the check against Gord. 23 seconds later. That's a dangerous play. He hits him from 4 Ft. Off the wall and Gordon went flying into the boards. Sitting with his left shoulder and then his neck and head going hard into the boards. Is just now be turned over. And it's as you just heard the referee, saying the play is under review for a major penalty. That could be Sam. I believe this is absolutely going to be a major penalty. The puck had left his stick one Mississippi, at least two Mississippi Ricci comes in, and he boards him from so far away to Richie's blindside. And like you said he didn't see it coming or feel it coming because it was late. He broke his fall with his shoulder. It is good to see him getting up right now on his own. But I think this is gonna be a major penalty and I think Ritchie's gonna be out of the game for a board and for a blindside hit, and players from both teams are banging their sticks on the boards and on the ice. In acknowledgement of the injured player, Yanni Gord, who's now skating under his own power, That's good. He still looks dazed, little bit days, but he is skating under his own power. And he goes off the ice to the lightning locker room. Well, the good news about this place his shoulder absorbed about 90% of the brunt of that hit. Thank God his neck. And his head, obviously not.

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