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So much of the last couple of days has been dominated by talks of coaching in college. When we've talked about the national championship. It's been this idea that for the first time we saw Nick Sabin outcoached by somebody on the big stage. And it was jarring for a lot of people. And it's reminder that even on the big stage. Even if you've been there before there are no guarantees football is a very difficult game. And at times, it can get out of control and at times, it can make you make rash decisions or rash, judgments, and I wanna hesitate to do that at that level. But on the NFL level we have seen. Especially with the amount of dollars and sense clearly at stake out in the open college football. It's more difficult to come by. Obviously, the coaches are paid large sums of money. But because the payers are not paid. We don't have that same sense of urgency around maximizing guys potential where an organization is putting massive financial bit of support behind that asset. They haven't invested that heavily all the players are weighted the same in college football the way you invest them. So the driving force is a little different in the NFL we've seen to make people may crazy decisions. And right now, I think we've seen it drive the NFL to a point of desperation where they're looking in places that before they may not have looked as readily or as quickly and in the bunches that we've seen so the hirings we saw in the last couple of days Bruce Arians going down to Tampa Bay to coach James Winston and the buccaneers which is the complete opposite of this. Bruce, Arians guy that's been around the league. He literally wrote the book. On quarterback whispering. And he's a guy that Tampa Bay is looking to help jumpstart and revitalize James Winston's career as a football player. And I thought this was interesting because as we have the conversation about. With the biggest driving force this off season. Is it maybe it's negligent to say just this off season. We know what the game's been the NFL for a while. But I think there's a different layer to it now. But I thought it was interesting gentlemen are ESPN Tampa Bay Buccaneers reporter talked about the relationship or lack thereof between James Winston and their former head coach Dirk cutter really values. You know, not just having a a, you know, a coach quarterback relationship. Also, like, a father son relationship teach dole really dog young father himself. So being able to have someone that he can have conversations with outside of football is really huge for him to and I'm just not so sure that him in dirt cutter had that connection. That was the whole reason they kept her cutter cutter was supposed to be Jameson guy. And so now, we're going to learn the veterans wasn't necessarily the case. That's the issue with all this is if you make a higher based on and assumption, that's not real. Then we got problems now Dirk cutter going back to be the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. But that's what's at stake. Here. I'm not so concerned about reaching on a guys resume because I understand for let's say cliff Kingsbury. This is going to be one that on the surface when you look at his resume at Texas, Texas Tech, excuse me, you're going to say man, this guy doesn't deserve. The air quotes deserve to be a head coach in the NFL. And you'd be right. If that's the only thing that we judge by. But that's not all that coaching is I get it's a results based business all these different things. But what the NFL is looking for right now. I don't think it's all that shocking. Now, not everyone agrees Coleman Costa, Freddie and Fitz. Simons here on ESPN radio said this a head scratcher for the cardinals. Arizona Cardinals fan right now scratching my head going. All right. You didn't look at the one year NY understand that. But then you move on this guy, who's not success the college ranks. And now you're thinking he's going to be that next. Great head coach in the National Football League. If I'm a cardinal's fan, this is a complete reach. And you just wonder how much of this will fall on his face and their faces in about two or three years time first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. The cardinals can textually is the most difficult one to understand because Steve Wilks was shown the door after a year in a way that I strongly disagree with. Because what coach is going to be able to show their worth in a year more than anything. He's the one coach you can argue in a lot of this came in the way, structurally that I'd be comfortable with which is you have a coach who's allowed to be a part of the process of drafting his quarterback. Josh rosen. They come in together. And now after one year you've decided he's not the guy one year after you were certain he was your guy, and this was a coach that you wanted to hire and bring on there. And so I understand responses like this on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed from the dapper tweets in not only is the Arizona higher of Kingsbury baffling, but it kind of makes a mockery of the Rooney rule. I hate to be that guy. But it's difficult. Not to have those thoughts crossed your mind in the context of this off season where we saw a large number of African American head coach is shown the door where we've seen some other hiring processes come under fire for making a mockery of a rule. That has a difficult time. I'm having the effect that it is designed to have. I can absolutely understand the frustration with that contextual with this situation in particular to then go to Kingsbury. But if I'm just assessing this as a higher and what I expect going forward. I won't begrudge anyone for feeling some type of way about the process, and what this has done. But I understand the forces that drive this process, and it is literally all about the quarterbacks. It's really about. Have you spent time with Sean McVay and also been connected to the quarterback because you comported cliff Kingsbury is record. But you could also look at the quarterbacks that he is groomed and from working with Johnny Manziel at Texas sane MD. Davis Webb at Texas Tech to obviously Patrick Mahomes, this kind of the crown jewel of this conversation. If you're cliff Kingsbury. That becomes. In my mind, the selling point, but it's not even that as much like, yes. Your connection to a quarterback is certainly what people seem to covet right now. But whether it's hearing from Louis Riddick are ESPN NFL front office insider, whether it's talking and hearing from Dan Orlovsky, former NFL quarterback and current analysts for us. It is. Interesting to me that we seem to be enamored with the wrong things when we look at these successes of a Sean McVeigh. Because that seems to be really be the one that people are trying to find we all saw Jared Goff in his first season. When he was still there with Jeff Fisher. It looked terrible. He looked lost. He looked like a guy the moment was too big for. And then we saw the turnaround with Sean McBain we said man if that guy made that happen with that player. Anything is possible in a day and age where we're trying to figure out how to reach these young quarterback sooner. Because we know the clock is ticking. Once you draft that rookie on your best window your best odds as a team to build a team and win. You can call it risk and will Cain hosted the Wilkin show here on ESPN radio did now here's the thing. I'm not saying well flu is going to be a failure. And I'm not saying Kingsbury is going to be a failure. I'm saying that these new shiny objects are a little bit like going to the gambling table. You're throwing the dice out there. It's possible. Did she hit your Mark? It's possible. It you crap out. And of course, that applies anybody. But these feel particularly risky, particularly unproven. Matt floor who is now the coach of the Green Bay Packers. After one year the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee titans after spending time with Sean McVay in Los Angeles with Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta. And with both of them in Washington before that like you see where the tree comes from in all of this. But it ignores what makes the central pours. The foundation the roots of the tree the best is Sean McVay as the leader. And what the Rams did supplemental supplementary around him. Bringing in quality offensive lineman loading up with worse than a weapons that are going to fit in that offense. A defensive coordinator on the other side that is respected. That's going to be able to handle that ball. Now this season handling it with limited success. We know the struggles that have been the Rams defense, but foundationally they did the right things that had nothing to do with just the quarterback position and the development there that Sean was able to take advantage of and make happen. So if you're looking at this now, what lays in front of each of these guys becomes even more fascinating. Because cliff Kingsbury has a lot more on his plate in Arizona. He's got a quarterback who is just coming off his rookie season who is expected to make that big time jump, but is not protected while in front of them has an aging receiver as his true number one right now and Larry FitzGerald on the outside as a defense that underperformed this year with a guy like Chandler Jones as a pass rusher that maybe could still be the dominant piece for you as opposed to Green Bay Matlin floors walking into I think a much more tenable situation. Where you've got a hall of fame quarterback. You've got an offense that went healthy. Can protect Aaron Rodgers wells any team in the league has a true number one now in Davante Adams and defensively. We know a lot of this was about what they wanted to do. And who they wanted to keep in my on the defensive side, you've got marquee talented each level, Mike Daniels guy like Blake bar tina's in clay Matthews. Linebacker gyro Zander who looks like a star in the secondary. Matla floor is a guy who you can question success of in Tennessee. But we know what he's connected to you can even go all the way back to college where he served as the offense of I believe offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach at Notre Dame. When Sean Kaiser was there another guy who is going to see in Green Bay. So. This is a guy who connects with that position cliff Kingsbury is a guy who connects with that position. The motivation is clear you don't have to scratch your head to try and figure out what these NFL teams are doing whether they're going to be able to do it. And the rest of the situation surrounding them is what matters a lot more and you see just in looking at those loan one is set up for success right away. And so the owners will be on Matla Florida perform cliff Kingsbury is going to have all this lumped on him. But a lot of what has to be done in Arizona's outside of him. And so the context of these situations can't be ignored as we try and project who of these new hires is going to have success, and who of these risks..

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