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I would totally own that movie. And I see it again and there twenty of them if quite a sit down. To watch. But man. Yeah. The the old comic books USA trail travel like parallel to like the civil rights era. This idea of mutants who are considered like black people. Why didn't they have rights and all that stuff? And I thought that sort of angle of it all began to get preachy. But this marvel avengers Tony stark. I am an aunt, ma'am. Atman my favorite of them, by the way. It's not as big in splashy. Let me know when I'm going on too long here, man. So it's not like ant man is not that big and splashy like all the, but it's it's did the heart to it and the little girl who's ended does a sweet job and defense. Got forget his name. It's hysterical. TI's pretty good in it. It's it's a nice. I mean, the villains are are kind of like week sorts, but that's fine for the for the temple of it. It's just a great action. PG I would call it G actually superhero movies compared to some of the grittier like I would say of these marvel which one I I would say the first arm man would sort of gritty and actually more comic book of of most of them to get most people on board. But it was also a fair amount of of propaganda film of American war, especially -ality, which is fine. I mean, the weapons of. Fine. I totally get that in the story. But this movie is just about a guy trying to get back to his daughter, essentially is is and everything he does in that is is designed to that end. He's got I've got three days to get off a house arrest and and be able to take my kid awhile. And that's that's his motivation for that whole movie and through the court. So that he loses the suit, and you know, he gets intercepted by these guys who what I'm talking about ironman too. I'm an aunt man to with watch the watts while that the whole arc of those two movies are kind of my favorites. But this one the comedy, and this one was good ragnarok was is my second favorite. I'd have to say, and because like it gave hope a chance to like speak in and like tell you what he was coming from. And then how they explained the whole. You know hawk thing is good too. I mean, those guys did a stellar job. I would just love to see. So it's twenty film kinda what do they call them? Not not when you get somebody to script. No. But before some of that, they specked like in Hollywood, they give you a spec script just like twenty thirty pays of what the the the script and gonna be just so you can get kind of I guess the money people can get a feel for it. And then there's one a battle with. I think it's ten pages. But I just level. They they're not writing Tim pace get for these movies because they've they know they have the backing for it. But yeah, like you get these spectrum of all of them. I'm pretty sure the spec script would like one hundred pages and all the actress scripts have to mount out if every move is ninety two a page on a minute on the screen at the page in the script. Right. So if every movie is an avenger in game was three hours. So that's what. Is that non eighteen I'm trying to do the math in my head about that's like three hundred pages of script. So that three hundred pages. How many pages was arm, man? Those who movies, right? You end up with a movie script, that's like fifteen hundred two thousand pages of all all really in a man when they when they start releasing this up in ten years by the script, but Disney is gonna make another ten billion dollars because I hate to say, but I may need the hard bound scripts of all these movies as well as in, you know, they're going to change the format now using DV not about say DVD, we stopped using DVD had them all on DVD. Now that you'll get them streaming. And then the next ten years, they'll probably be selling them to you in holograms, and you can sit amongst the the battle of New York amongst the rubble is arm and endorse. Do that thing around you these movies are the new, you know, the new? Fairy tales of our age when you could just. Cut your brain often go to something task world like my dad's age, I think it would swashbuckling movies right in the thirty that was Errol Flynn. And like, and they all did the the big move back in with like the jump on a pirate boat chip rather? And and slide down the sale with a nice, remember those things. So all these things are just I mean. You can be proud of him. But you should you should show them a fair amount of respect. But you shouldn't take them seriously. You know what I mean? So Jesse called you don't take him play doesn't mean you don't respect them. I mean, the art form and how much stuff way is it's intesting, but the people who are talking about it promotes violence, and you know, it it causes shooting. It's ridiculous. 'cause no one's also flying off a building they'll getting into giant car chases on trying to raid the mid with their ragtag band of of mercenary that are always in a a vengeance movies right into this question to me into the gate. We did you feel it was necessary to have that the the genocide approach included into the movie, you know, the just the whole premise of the Santo snatching. Yeah. Ten. Call each other side because his here. The thing genocide is sort of a loaded word and genocide also I I would use extinction. I'm gonna use extinct. Extinction is everybody Jimmy inside. Generally is about one particular group of people. So if you wanna say he did the snap and got rid of half of humans. Okay. That's a genocide. But he was talking about half of all life on the planet. So half of the birds half of the bees half of them in half of the women half of the frog. So half of the you know what I mean? So. I wouldn't call it a genocide. But I would what I call it population control, absolutely. So it's the hidden message about that is this this little model that we're on swinging around the sun shooting through space. It's getting overcrowded, and the people who tell you that, you know, we'll just go and live on Mars every dicusss. And that's that's my take away from it. You know what I mean? So what do you think you think you think Thanasis a Republican or democrat? You know, I hate to say it, but why would panels be a Republican or democrat? But something totally and completely new. I think sandals wouldn't be either. I think fantails would likely be Putin. Right. I mean, he's about getting it done. And if you're not gonna well not who who who is who from my who held of cover gene together with dark measures and bold action. And the world was feared to deal with them. Right. Her. Wow. If you could sort parts and all these characters who who be right. Who would be captain America who would be the the world villain? But even Santa's has support right? I mean people. Danielson is is a villain. Like Darth Vader was the villain. Right. You you sort of had disrespect the doctor. He's not a Bill in like.

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