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It's gone I've worked in private prisons in California they're gone I'm somebody who's our family my wife and I started a bank specifically to support businesses owned by women black people and Latinos because they couldn't get financing anywhere else but I Joe I want to answer really I think you should come over and disavow the statements that this man made because that were openly racist that were wrong and the legislative black caucus is against I'm asking you to join us and do the right thing I've already spoken to the car police and he in fact is was on is I believe sorry for what he said here's the deal folks book we got to stop taking the black community for granted that's the starting place every one of the things we talked about here for example is South Carolina Jim Clyburn here's a program send ten fifteen thirty we should be investing our money in those communities and haven't gotten help for a long time and give most of that help to those communities make it a priority we should make sure that we have in the no one going to jail for a drug offense they go directly mandatory prison I mean it should be mandatory treatment not prison and we find we find it in three days doesn't get it it takes at least sixty to ninety days to make any progress we have to pay for that just like instead of building new prisons we build new rebel Tatian centers we have to make sure that we have a window at the treasury department that allows for entrepreneurs were black and brown and minorities to be able to get loans to be able to start businesses you know if you are a house I know you do know if you own a house in an all black neighborhood same exact house an all white neighborhood exact same **** the house valued in the black never be value is worth less making it difficult for you to accumulate wealth as as my friend of the on the line your says so here's the deal we have to do much much more that's what got me involved in politics in the first place red line to stop it I got involved through the civil rights movement became a public defender that's why I got involved there's so many things we have to do across the board an education actress schools we should triple funding we have for at risk pools provide for four five and six year old little girl three four and five years old to go to school not daycare increases hours of teachers encourage more blacks to get into teaching profession black men because of studies showing as a black man in a community in a school increases prospects significantly and so on there's a lot we can do I've laid it all out is how do you go to Joe Biden dot com you'll see the whole deal including criminal justice reform thank you Mister vice president as you mentioned South Carolina three weeks from tomorrow they'll go to the polls to vote black voters make up about sixty percent of the electorate there senator Sanders several weeks ago Nina Turner one of your national co chairs published an op ed piece that said vice president Biden has quote repeatedly betrayed black voters to side with Republican lawmakers and undermine our progress senator Sanders do you agree with her one of your most visible Sarah gets the vice president Biden has repeatedly betrayed black voters good senator Turner was talking about is some of the early actions of vice president Biden but no Joe Biden is a friend of mine and I'm not here to attack them well but what I would say is that what we need in terms of the African American community is to understand that we have got to start investing big time in education and healthcare there is no excuse white white families in America have ten times more wealth than black families no excuse that disproportionately African Americans are in jail compared to whites no excuse for black women dying in childbirth three times the rate of white women.

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