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So let me get let me get to the question I wanted to ask you about. Netanyahu is going to play guilty, then he's not going to plead guilty then he's going to plead. Honestly, reading the times of Israel gives people a headache. What's going on? Well, I think there's a tent by Netanyahu. To do something, I think is very clever for his point of view, which is to strike a deal. It's referred to here as like a Nixon like deal, where he spares the country further division because if he stands trials and goes to prison, a big chunk of the country is going to be up and on. If he doesn't stand childhood prison, another state of the country is going to be up in arms. The spare the country, that you cut a deal where BB leaves politics. And the question is whether he leaves politics with the addition of what's called moral torpor two. You can't say that ten times fast. Moral forfeit, which would prohibit him from reentering politics with 7 years, which is bring him up to age 79. Well, then, just like Joe Biden, he's just getting started. I have a technical question. Does it prohibit him from being the president of Israel? Yeah, only after 7 years. It's not elected, right? It's a point. He doesn't want that. He wants to come back after two years. I just can't imagine maybe Netanyahu going into the wilderness for 7 years. We'll find out Michael oran on Twitter, DR Michael oran, DR, doctor Michael oran on Twitter, our number two that you hear at show coming up. Stay tuned. Good morning glory America bonjour high candidate who you had live with a focus on the beltway this morning. Next hour, senators, Blackburn and haggerty join me this hour, I begin with senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Good morning, senator. Welcome back. Good morning. Thanks for having me. Senator, you and I have had a few mix ups over the years, but we've always been civil to each other when we disagree. I know that you try your best in the Senate to be that way towards Doctor Fauci. But I want to go back to last week. But I want to predicate first. Am I not correct that you were on the baseball field when the Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill you at a dozens of other Republicans? Absolutely. I was ten feet from one of the staffers who shot. I was about 20 yards from Steve scalise and the remarkable thing is, is that not one of us said it was Bernie Sanders falls and people almost died. It was a horrific thing. Like I came there with a list of people to kill to assassinate and yet Doctor Fauci now thinks that he can come forward and he's had a death threat. And so that death threat is because people object to him or disagree with him. I had 34 death threats last week, 34 that we referred to the Capitol Hill police. So it's sort of we don't want violence on Doctor Fauci. We want a civil debate, but the main reason that it devolves into a personal sort of attack back and forth is that he won't answer the question. He deflects from the question, not one person in the mainstream media realizes even what the question was that I ask him. I don't know the question. I'm not legacy media. All I know, all I know is that it is absurd to blame anyone in public life for the fringe elements that inflict all of us with those kinds of I mean I've been in the media for 30 years. Of course I've gotten those letters. I knew I wouldn't have imagined you had 34 in a week. That's kind of a record doctor Paul, isn't it? I think it's a record for me and it shows how inflamed the public is on both sides. But also get hundreds of people every day who say someone has to ask these tough questions. The question I asked, Doctor Fauci was, is it an abusive office, use your $420,000 salary to go after your political enemies, your scientific opponents? Is it wrong to have sort of an enemies list of people that you and doctor Collins basically conspired to ruin their reputation, not really in journals with facts or arguments, but in the late press, they go to the nation. They didn't go to science. They went to the nation, the progressive magazine, the nation to go after their opponents and then call them names. Their opponents teach at Harvard Stanford and Oxford, the three main authors of the great bearing gen declaration. They went after them to smear them and to try to ruin their reputation. And I think that is just despicable and it should be called out..

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