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Thirty five hundred people packed into a Phoenix church for today's memorial service for Senator John. McCain we have more and our, WCBS audio file Thank you all so much. For being here this morning as we remember Celebrate the life of Senator John McCain a true American. Hero John McCain. Is entire life stood by freedom fighters across the world. He was there He was there figuratively and literally by their side. Wherever they would Technology While some might find our friendship out of the ordinary For example made him an. Iconic figure of, American politics and service, to fellow man he celebrated differences the embraced humanity champion what was true and just insult people for who they were John's stories American story that's not hyperbole. Sounds like the American story grounded in respect indecency basic fairness The intolerance through the, abuse, of power Many of you travel the world look how the, rest of the world looks at us A little naive we're fair Pretty. Naive Americans That's where we are that John, was WCBS.

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