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Landed on on this. And i couldn't be happier so i'm glad you did. I ask that question knowing that what my experience has been exactly the same. Your wife told me. I'd never seen this part of the of you before. And and she's cheap. Forbid me to ever go back and take another job again. She's in the. You're a whole different person now. So my question was going to be as your wife. has. She commented that you're a different person. Since you've found this purpose for your life. And i think it's a common thing So and that's really why i started. The show originally was a because of an incident. I had where a guy i was selling. I was buying an amplifier from a guy off of craigslist and He he gave me the story about you know he. He told me. I was living a dream and i laughed in his face Not to be rude. But i i just like you don't know my life and he stopped me said listen. I always wanted to play in a band. But i f sixty nine years old. I'm retiring. I'm telling you my amplify it means i'm never gonna play in a band and i thought my thought at that time is low will wanna play in a band. You know you sickly. you're retiring. he has the best. I think the point is you know. Retirement is nice but you gotta still do something with your life or else you just going to waste away. You have to have some kind of purpose beyond when when when you give up the corporate or the cubicle or where wherever you were you have to fill that void with new purpose and if it is a purpose that gives gives your life. Meaning all the more better. It's going to drive you. Keep you young longer and keep you healthy along and keep you going and something to strive for a reason to get out of bed every day. I would definitely agree about the same time. I started writing. I was talking to my father. Who's who since passed. But he passed away when in his mid eighties. And i was at home with him talking. About how you know what's going on and of any regrets from your wife. And he paused a thought for for just a second and he said you know. I wish i had gone to new york so he grew up in. He grew up in new york for loud. But he relocated down to alabama where i grew up and He loved to play the clarinet and he played throughout high school. He was first chair. The university was a really fabulous clarinetist and he dreamed of going to juilliard and And that was going to be his career. He wanted to be a clarinetist and below behold you know his father owned a store and he got the call to come back and and working store in many in a family that he to support in he never went back. I remember you know some of the sweetest times as a child when he was playing the clarinet in the house but he never got out of the house to play a band or symphony or anything like that and you know so when i asked him that at eighty five hundred and taking long say you know i. I wish i had fly back because i never know you know here. He is you know. Pass away never knowing if he could have made it. And i thought that was really impactful. And he did some fabulous things in his life and he was a great father. But i felt like you know what. I don't wanna be sitting there in my eighties feeling like i didn't i would. I wanted to try and especially as an introvert. Some of those things are difficult right It's a lot easier for me to stay inside closer to war. Read a can turn on the tv and do nothing. But you know what i'm jay. I'll have a lot of regrets if i do that. And so i think you know introvert extrovert. It's never too late to pick up fat amplifier. And it's never too late to to to do things that are on our list Rather than we're brenham when you're close to the end right have you Had the rewarding experience of somebody coming to you Writing to your contact you saying. Thank you for writing the book eight. It's changed my life and help me. Well that's very nice truly them. You know that's what makes a difference. And that's that's what really drives me to Do what. I'm doing right. So i wish that i had somebody that might have nudged me a little bit when i was younger and said hey you know think about this a little bit and maybe what changed my life. Not that. I've had a bad life. But i could have done without a few scars along the way i think all of us could net. You know finding that out and helping him grow. People is is a very noble thing. It's like these are the struggles. I went through liza with you for your and if it can make your ride a little easier. I think that's a really noble thing to do. So thank you for. That book is called in search of courage and introvert stories. By steve friedman. It's available at the on. Introversion dot com the lincoln description People will give it a chance. And especially if you're an integrate. Why not give it a chance. I'm looking forward to taking the quiz on the site. I just found out about them but briefly before this this show. But i did not have time to take them before. But i'm looking forward to seeing what my results are. Steve thank you for this time. I wish you great great success and when the next book comes out when you're ready to publish it please do come back and let's let us help you promote it when it's when you're ready to bring it to market. Thanks not is slowly will appreciate so. I appreciate talking appreciate your time. He applegate night and by for now will Steve famous folks are doubled on the button. Put him in and out in and out Good stuff there and interesting stuff. And i think it's a you know a great pursuit and to be able to kind of have some kind of legacy in leapt place. That's what it's all about man Adding to adding something positive to the world rather just sitting here taking so hats off to him. Even though i'm not wearing a hat hats off to him and Good for him. And i got to know him guy in a and check out his website. Look now Tomorrow rachel king will be with another author Meet the author at that's at one pm. Rachel cling. I'm sorry and her. Authorship is about Akito and how akito has Changed her life and giving her almost I wanna say sense of religion piece. Whatever it is faith Whatever you wanna call. It helped with her. Well being mentally physically and spiritually. Let's put it that way. Rachel cling We're gonna be talking about akito her life as an akito master and then tomorrow night at eight pm. The big five hundred diversity. Five hundred episode show and not an anniversary anniversaries every year. We haven't been here for five hundred years folks but five hundred episodes.

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