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Of the great coaches in college basketball here's jim harbaugh jack harbaugh talking with john calipari i heard you on the dick emberg podcast sounded success and and you said that if recruits don't respect their mom or don't respect their grandma that's a deal breaker for you and it it sounds exactly like coach harbaugh i think you guys have a lot of similarities in your recruiting message so when you go into a recruits living room i've just wondering what you tell them and their family to get them to come to kentucky versus duke or any of the other places that are out there what's what's your recruiting pitch well we we we're getting beat by a lot of people in recruiting but let me say this there's one similarity coach arbonne i have we're both catholics and i'm really mad that he got to see the pope before i did his that's maybe my favorite pope because he's about people he's about you know it's not what we can gather for people that have we're trying to do things for people that do not have and you know when i walk in a home when you have a mentality like that you're going to have a compassion for the people you walk in their home and i think they can feel that that that you're not above them you're not talking down you not judging you're having compassion and saying okay tell me what kind of program you wanna be in tell me how you wanna play or because tell me and through the question he sometimes i look and say this isn't going to work now it doesn't mean they're wrong for not come into kentucky there's a kid that father wanted him to shoot every ball and i said we just don't do that here while he's gone onto a school and he had forty last night as a freshman most in twenty years while they may have been right for their son and if it's not about michigan football kentucky basketball coach harbaugh or myself it's about that family usually you're going to make the right choices as a family in as a program there are there are players are you ready for this they're not built for michigan they should not go to michigan and it's nothing about talent it's about their mental makeup do you understand the big house do you understand the games we play we are super bowl games every weekend are you ready for that or you into football or you into training are you into your body or you into your mind for us if you're not into basketball why in the world would you ever come to kentucky now it doesn't mean we're passing on academics we've graduated seventeen players in my eight years we've gotten the award for the apr which means our kids finished terms they're not an internet classes they're not in correspondence classes they finished terms they could all come back many of them leave the my wish would be that i could coach guys longer but that's about me for them in their family i'm really happy that i get a picture this morning from carl towns of he devon booker and tyler ulis that they'll make me happy and smile that last night i spent an hour on the phone with derrick rose trying to help him i mean this what we do is not about us in the programs in universities we work for it's about the people that were dealing with and that.

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