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I do think the Shawn Watson is one of the players in the National Football League who could accomplish this, though I think he is one of the Five players who could say Yeah, I'm not playing anymore. Here. You're going to trade me. I don't know your trade me That's really hard to do in the NFL like because the At a certain point when we were hosting shows heading into bears cases this lazy don't talking. I am Yeah, but like Jamal Adam's accomplished this Yes, but Jamal Adams is different because the amount of of compensation That it would take Get Watson. I don't know if a team would do it. I don't know if the team would give up five first round picks or four first round pay. I mean, you're talking about giving up five years of first round picks. What if the dude has been hurt before? Yes, He's awesome, but he's been hurt. You know my philosophy. I wouldn't do it. I I love draft capital. And I think that's how you determine the great teams in the NFL. Depth on your team matters. And so G M's who are always giving up picks, you know, like, go back to the Jamal Adams. I thought it was crazy that they gave up what they gave up for for a safety. You know if you make a chart of the most important players on a football field during a game Safety comes in. At what Yeah. Out of the 22 positions. I don't know if I'm I'm Going nuts over a safety no matter who it is. If I'm trying to build my team in a smart fashion, so to give up five number one picks for someone like to Shawn Watson, I get the player. I'm a big fan of neutron. Watson loved to Shawn Watson, because think about it, But I'm not giving up that draft cap if you trade him. You're giving up if you trade for him. And let's say it takes four first round picks. You're giving up a first round pick every year. He's under contract for the rest of his contract because he's under contract through 2025. That's four more years. Yeah. You're giving up a first, right? Your first round pick now. Presumably it would be a late first round pick because you hope that you're getting, you know, playoff appearances Championship games, Hopefully a Super Bowl out of it in the next four years if you're doing it So, and the teams that would do it in the back portion of that draft already have their quarterback. So you have to have a team that was in the process of some form of rebuilding and four first round picks is insane. Plus extra. I mean, look, it's not just gonna be 4th 1st round picks. It's going to be more than that. It's gonna be four first round picks, Couple thirds. Maybe if compensatory pick or whatever picked to be named later. Maybe later. Maybe a player. Yeah. Like in Tinley Park here on ESPN 1000. I got a nice nice talk you again. You guys are somewhat You guys are brilliant here in your argument, Like doing it over. Well, great. Call my great car. You have got a defense Is that only crap? It's so overpaid. You can't call. Go after anybody. You got all this money tied up in these Underachievers. I mean, It's ridiculous, but you did hit on one thing. They're gonna end up. You're gonna fire for Gandal? Because now they're offenses auction because they put up 30 Anna or scrap team, But the defense's was under coach, obviously, so they're going. He'll be the sacrificial lamb. You're right, and they will stay crummy and in there next If he gives a trip. He doesn't have it that your team isn't good enough to do that. I mean, I just think the defense of guys are killing the team. Mike, you're one of our favorite callers Call again. Okay? I love hearing you guys. Thank thanks, Mike. Let's go, George, An old time You're on ESPN 1000. You really think you have to give up four first round draft picks to get to Shaun of two shots unhappy? Maybe they're trying to rebuild their and Houston because they slighted him because I didn't announce T him are Here. His concerns, you know, I think you get the could you put some kind of trade together, But whatever it is, the bear should go after it and explore it like they didn't do the first time around. Interesting. Take George in George. I think the reason I'm dollars suggested for five first round picks is because Robert Maze earlier today on social media on Twitter suggested that it would take five first round pick and I'm just doing the quarterback is Mm. Doubly, if not Maurin, important than Thanda safety, and it took to me first round. It took two first round picks for Khalil Mack. So you know how many more draft how many. How much more valuable is quarterback then? Defense event or then safety and I just did the math based on that. I don't know. If it be five. I don't think you could get someone to give you more first round picks that his contract is You know s Oh, that's why I think it would be for because you just give one first round pick for the length of the contract. But with the realignment of the captain of your finger, But there's probably other concerns. Your I mean, Houston is terrible on both sides of the ball. They need a lot of help. Maybe they do want to rebuild. Maybe it's just a good time to, you know. This would be fantastic for Chicago football. We could figure it out. Yeah, Absolutely. Thank you for the phone call George. We appreciate it. Let's go to Jeff in west town. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Jeff? Hey, What's up, guys? I just want to get your opinion if If we allow Ryan taste to make this move, How do you not fire mentally Because you had a chance to get this guy the first time Now we are how many draft picks in at the quarterback position? You're setting yourself back another five years of first round pick. How do you let this guy make that make that call? How did you not die with Mitch? When Mitch goes out the door, Jeff, Could you imagine a world where the Bears do pull off a trading land to Shawn Watson? And it's Ryan Pace, trying to give us all the finger and say blank, everybody. I figured it out. I got our guy back. But meanwhile, going into the future of the Bears have no draft capital ever again. It's like to Shawn Watson by himself out there. I thought we just all assumed if Mitch didn't work out. Ryan was with him. We all said, Hey, Congrats. You had the stones to make the pick everything. But if it doesn't work out, then you're going out the door with them, and now we let him Completely leverage our future to bring the guy we could have had any way like, what are we doing here?.

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