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That's amazing, by the way. John ritchie. You know? What's incredible Dallas kaikal still not signed Craig kimbrel? Also. What is going on? At a certain point gonna lay beyond ballot. You ever that was for a different reason that was that was in a sport or a running back. It's banged around and has a short shelf life. I mean, this is a pitcher who's starting to lose paychecks. Okay. there was a best offer. I don't know who it came from. It might have been the Yankees. It might have been the phillys that might have been the Astros might have been the Red Sox. It might have been the twins, whomever. Someone gave him the best offer. He and his agent or them in their agents, meaning both pitchers and kaikal. They may played it. They just misplayed it. Yeah. I mean at a at a certain point. Well, do you think? Is what it is. I think that the Scott Boras focused on Bryce Harper this offseason, the increased intensity. Cost some of his other clients. And that's what we're seeing. I hadn't thought that. I did think that it's possible teams that were in the running for Harper. May have not wanted to allocate money. Elsewhere wall wall still waiting for Harper resolution. And that could have pushed back the timetable on other players. I think that's reasonable. But I mean, the Harper thing was done. I mean, you guys remember what Mark Martin. Yeah. Right around there. So I mean there were still by that. If if I if I had all this pile of cash, and I wanted to give it to Harper. And he didn't choose me and my team. Well, I had March eleventh March twelfth March thirteenth March fourteenth to present it to to kimberlin kaikal and presumably teams did. So and those two just still were like well. Not not not appealing enough to me. Okay. Body sit on your couch. Why? Now, the I've never seen anything like it. Honestly, really bizarre new narrative going around to is that now teams because it will take those guys so long to get ready. All totally that teams are even less inclined to sign. Absolutely. I would offer him less money. There's no question. I what I mean. Now, I don't get him hitting his stride till may I may be I mean that that's not appealing case that's not appealing eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four Joe Gilio from the road. Joining us at twelve thirty today on his way down in DC to watch the fills nationals games with fans of Philly and eight buses of Phillies fans had down there. Let's talk to Bill and fareless sales. Hey been Bill. How you guys doing great Bill? Again, I have to agree with John. That's good. I I don't understand what the problem is. I mean baseball players should be allowed or after pro athletes to be a pro athlete. It's gotta be something special. Something happens. They should be allowed to sell like anyone else. Sure. And you know, and they should know that if you're gonna throw a ball one of our players, you know, watch out you might get one back. Well, no question, and that's going to have to start really soon. Yeah. I just don't understand why you know, why you feel they shouldn't overdo it. There's some great things that happened in baseball. Sometimes it's just mind blowing like that shot in the second tech the other night. This team's driving my family. Crazy. We love it. It's tremendous now. Listen bill. It's tremendous. I'm I'm with your million percent on that. I'm as excited for all this stuff is as you and everyone. It's after moments like that where I feel some of the players are being excessive and their celebration, and it will lead to situations. It will lead to them getting plunked. It's it's again, I've said it a million times. It's against the way, the games been played the way moments have been celebrated non non postseason moments not talking about a walk off Homer say a Homer in the second home or in the third or Homer in the fourth to me. There's a time and a place, and I think the Phillies are choosing the wrong time to celebrate in the way, they're celebrating these days. That's that's just the way. I look at it. So excited. We are about sports in this town. You know, they're so excited. They have a reason I've never seen the Phillies explode like this. So early in the season. Yeah. I mean, it's one of the great starts. It's one of the great starts. We've seen Bill. Give me a best supporting character. You can think of well, my guy that I'm thinking of. I know he's very very popular. They've even at conventions. I gotta go with Mr. Spock from the series and the movie good answer. It very good answer mister spock's an excellent answer. No question about that. Let's start to Darren in Tom's river Darren your own WIP. Hey, guys. Let me tell you off speaker. Yeah. Hey, y'all are you doing super? Yeah. I was real impressed with area the other night. Eight started yelling at him at first. He started out a little shaky. But then he ended up pitching a nice game. Where he pitch into what the six any. Right. I think three six I believe, and I was amazed that he was able to hang in there to the point that they only gave up one run because it looked early like he could be out of their early. Absolutely. It looked and you know, the girl calling the game with a-rod she she said something about his arm slot. And they showed it on you know, when he will. And and that was interesting. I love we need. We need Jake Arrieta at to be the Chicago Cubs. Jake arrieta. You know? He doesn't have to be that. He just has to be very good. I mean. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Like, you don't have to be a Cy Young in caliber guy. But you you gotta be for sure above average. You got to pitch a lot of innings and. And you know, you gotta help that younger younger guys in the staff. Absolutely. And I was I anybody. The US. My brother, you ask my son. You asked my father, I called it. My goes going to have a monster year. Well, it's looking good. I mean, you know, it's early but it's looking good right now. He's in a he's in a great spot and crash you're gonna hit. Yeah. No pressure. And he's gonna hit with a lot of guys on in front of him, which is very odd for the aide whole variety. Darren gimme the best supporting character. You can think of I hope no-one said it, I listen to your whole time. Val Kilmer is doc Holliday in tombstone. Okay. You got it down. I'll be your Huckleberry talk to Kenny in Bethlehem are Sean Connery friend. What's up Ken are the Phillies celebrations excessive? Yes. Or no. I'd like to campaign for a third party candidate on this question. All right. No. Are you kidding? Kenny. The first three games I can count on one hand installed a couple of fingers left the times I'd had as much fun as I've had over the first three games of this season. It's been awesome. And it goes two thousand eight MLB S nineteen Ninety-three nineteen eighty and LCS. Those are the only times that I can think of that. I've had best much FOX. And Joe, I I do see your point sort of. But man, this is business teeter mad. I mean think about football two years ago, they they they reinstituted celebration. How much more fun has it been that we got to watch Torrey Smith hit a home run after they scored a touchdown and nobody through football at his head. No, no, no. But you get a chance you get a chance, and that's worth to clobber a guy, you know, which which makes it different that's part of the sporting. And unfortunately, you know, part of baseball is you plunk agok. Well, yeah. I mean. Yeah. Unofficially. You get the plunk agai. You're right, unofficially. Hey, Joe as as you, and I are both baseball historians. I'm gonna give you two names. And I'm sure you can guess what? I'm talking about. Coral may is is the first name and Rachel is the second. Yeah. Well, right, right. Right. Chapman's the individual that died the only player to ever die. Major league baseball game nineteen twenty I believe it was it was ninety nine years ago. So we've got pretty hard percentages of of not only surviving getting to first base line. And if they want to flunk to die, and and give us a beige water. Hey, I'm all for it. Now. Well, teams are gonna have to figure that out. But you, but Kenny, you know, there's going to be plenty of games that are seven to one one way or the other, you know, in the eighth inning where if you want to let one loose, and it's not really going to change come into game teams can do it. I mean, that's one hundred sixty two games. That's going to happen. Plenty of times. No, no doubt not animal for for drilling. Somebody in a less lethal area. I agree with you. I can't he best supporting character. Who is it? I wouldn't be here. If I didn't go Connery in some aspect, and this is the movie that kinda reintroduced the people of my generation, Sean Connery as Jimmy Malone and on such a tremendous absolutely tremendous huge fan of that movie huge fan of that care. I thought he made the movie actually, I thought Sean Connery did the academy. Did he win? I think so. Yeah, tremendous. What was the thing? He always said, what are you prepared to do? Now was that that was his line, right? As he's dying. He's dying. He says. Yeah. The bookmaker. You know, he's he's pointing today. He doesn't want his thing. He wants the wants to train schedule wants the train schedule. And and he says to Sean Connery, what are you prepared to do? Now that was his line. Go out on the sports. Colloton guests line. Well, we're prepared to do is talk to Mr. Joe, Jillian, the skeleton guests sign if you're injured at work. Get Justice, call swertz Colloton and eight hundred Justice and Gilio part of a caravan with fans affiliate headed down to DC right now. Eight buses Phillies fans, Mr. Gilio. How are you pal? I'm doing well doing fan safer. So set the scene where are you? What's going on how rowdy there are these boxes either? Getting there we're we're driving down to ninety five in jersey for the Delaware memorial bridge right now as we take it off. And I believe we're set to arrive around three. So that gives a three at least three maybe almost four hours for tailgate before we go in here. Well dies the tailgate started already. Of course, it has John, you know. Yeah. Well, that's good. Is there is there a growing feeling of almost protectionism? Like, let's let's be Bryce Harper's bodyguard.

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