A new story from Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


To calm down. Fox's Matt Napolitano, this is Fox News. We get to the bottom of the facts. Today's top stories what happened. News of the day. Keep you at the top of your game. Get to the bottom of the bottom of six hundred. Ninety two point one FM. A few seconds. There's no better way to. The vaccine. For adults. Sean. He said he still does. The new study suggests. I think. Company wants to be. Much. Actually. I'm a medical guide you fast. You need vitamin C. How do you get it? Then you mix little powder is vitamin c with water. Vitamin C is basically. I have no idea how it works. And I believe it can do any. They won't take us. Seriously want to exterminate us. This is voluntary. Nobody's talking about extending nation. Just. Lives ignoring the side. To this fall. Stimulus has already begun. Make no mistake. My brothers. They were they were. I'm CLYDE Lewis..

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