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What did you get the one last thing you mentioned adult catch we. We've been telling my kid. They now that like every time. You open a rapper. Hey what's that like. He's like very cognizant of food and he says. I just want to eat. You know 'cause when kids are bored they what they do So we've turned everything into. Oh that's that's adult candy that's triggered a propel this morning net that's adult water anyway so i've got lazy again this week brent and ordered And i again from a chinese restaurant and black beans squid so in a black bean sauce. So it's a typical music. Yeah me too. i don't. it's so funny. I don't know blended here. We haven't tried to get. I don't know if it's fermented or what but by black beans sauces asian style. Don't taste like black beans something mexican style. A black bean sauce. Asian style typically means really robust good kinda sweet savory anxious your favorite word so it's it's black it's it's squid and black bean sauce and it's it's you know the squid is like the longer pieces that are look like they've been Scored if you know what. I mean like Cut left to right it's not what it basically. It's not like when you're thinking of calamari the little the little circles I it's not from that part of the squid I don't really know what part of squids from. But that's that's what it is and it's got. It's got green green peppers onions and the sauce and it is. It's good it's good. I wouldn't say it's great. I probably wouldn't ordered again like on Like oh we're ordering chinese tonight. I'll take the black beans squid so somebody else worried. I might take a bite. You know if you're someone that if you were to go out to have dinner and they had the battered fried squid is an appetizer. Calamari fried batter calamari. Yeah yeah i do yeah. Lots of pepper hotter spicier sometimes especially like it when it's it's It's calamari and vegetables. So that they've all been everything's and it's like hala pinos every hugging cauliflower. There's always cauliflower. And i'm always dumb acid by the cauliflower. When i'm idiot should've went to boudicca. This probably been had this fucking problem. Yeah goes your mouth at a boudicca. Party is good. It's true the say about the squid. I don't know what they do to it beforehand. But whatever they do makes it not too chewy chewy. But like if you've ever tried to take raw squid and prepare it at home and you don't do something whether that's cut it a certain way and soak it and boil it. I don't know what all the various steps of oak stake. it is like it. It's like kind like octopus. It's like chewing on your shoe. You know and and most asian places i gotta admit even if the flavor is not that great they figure out how to not make it to always just sit it out About two hours. Before i'm gonna do it. Drain it sit out next to a shot of rum in my job. Who statue come back to it about an hour later. It's ready to go. Oh got you know say this. It can't hit a curveball but it tastes good. we'll say this.

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