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Things that had happened to me. Farrah Fawcett stars in the burning bed, a made for TV movie about spousal abuse that she heard me my whole life at the movies. I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the Terminator makes its debut, I'll be back and number one on the Radio to say. I just called to say I love you, Stevie Wonder. What year was it? 1984 1985 or 1986? All right, there you go again. 916 91 15 38 108 34 15 30. And we'll be back with that. But right now, looking at our poll question, asking you about cities across the country, taking precautions and event of unrest after Election Day from Florida to California. Command post being set up by Police department's How concerned are you about unrest or even violence in the aftermath of the elections, while the majority are somewhat concerned, 45% 30% are very concerned for it almost 15% not too concerned. And there's about 8.5% that don't foresee any issues. And that's at KFC. Kay's Twitter page, which is easy to get to if you still wanna weigh in You can certainly do that. Let's find out what's going on Monday on the morning news with Kristina Mandanda and Sam Shady Monday morning last day of campaigning will have the very latest on the trends and the Poles as we head into Election Day. That's coming up Monday. All right? Very good. So I think we have Andy on the.

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