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This is WBC news radio on my heart radio station. 87 degrees and clouds in Boston at a 30. Good morning. I'm Charlie Bergeron. Here's what's happening. Over the past few days coronavirus cases in Massachusetts remaining high an average of about 2200 positive cases per day. One big concern is hospitalizations up from 942 on Wednesday to 986 yesterday, 81 communities in Massachusetts now considered high risk for Corona virus infections. Infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci says we could be in for a dark holiday season. Dr Fauci says it will happen if Corona virus infections continue to rise, told USA Today the country's in a vulnerable position because it's impossible to control surges with current volume of cases. Fauci says he's changed his personal plans over the holidays and opted for a quieter Christmas with his wife like he did for Thanksgiving. He's encouraging people to make the best of the situation and show our love and affection for people by keeping I'm safe. I'm Michael Kastner. There have been 482 new covert 19 cases among students and staff in Massachusetts schools in the last week at data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Districts reporting 276 cases among students 206 among staff members. This was between November 19th and 25th schools are not required. To report positive cases to the state since the 24th of September when the weekly release of data started about 1600 students and 1000 staff have tested positive for covert 19. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, joining Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and calling for a national mask mandate, Senator Blumenthal introduced a bill in Congress that would encourage states to require mask wearing in public to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The encouraging masks for all act would provide $5 billion to help states implement mask mandates. Currently there are more than a dozen states that do not have a mask mandate in place. Are Bartlett reporting, Senators Marquis and Blumenthal have repeatedly called on the Trump administration to mandate masks on airplanes and provide personal protective equipment to flight crew during the pandemic. In October, the Senate unanimously passed the ensuring health safety in the skies Act. Legislation that creates I joined to airline task force responsible for developing health and safety recommendations for air travel before this pandemic began feeding America estimated. There were about 37 Million Americans who were food insecure. NBC's Andy Field now tells us that number closer to 50 million in cities across America, cars lined football stadiums, schools and warehouses to collect food boxes. We've seen demand on average across the 200 feeding America, food banks sit pretty steadily at about it a 60% increase. And need feeding. American executive vice president and chief operating officer Katie Fitzgerald says she expects the need to grow over the winter months is Americans start to choose paying for rent, heat or food? Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington 8 33 consumers being encouraged to keep their dollars local today..

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