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Alice Stockton Rosellini, he'll be reporting all morning long. From the, flat iron district also in the big three. It is Trump. Putin, to yes president says let's have put covers in, the White House this fall Well what, I'm, chuckling, about, is, you sound on the tweet. Yesterday saying that, the. Fake news media is the. Enemy of the people but Putin Hayes our best. Buddy and rounding out the big three we've got. Some great, guests here on the program this morning we have Barbara Corcoran of shark tank, will, join. Us we, have the voice of the Mets how. He rose, the seasons resuming tonight with the, subway series in the Bronx we also have a hypnotist obviously into a good enough job I'd, read it. Because he's still blabbering away here but actually worked on Ritalin and this is going to be fascinating story we'll talk to him and we, also have the producer mama Mia because hey we got. The big movie. I'm telling you mama Mia is. A great movie Judy Kramer my old pal she'll be on. Today it's resuming tonight and, we've got the movie goes so. Anyway you, are you trying to get a sound effect. Over there I thought you were the maestro of the sound effects Lewis. Show today is totally blew it I saw it up, here, a, moment, ago, and now I can't say. I called you, the. Liberace of the soundboard now. You can't even get an Abba song up there. Yeah well we'll get right here we go dancing. Queen young, and sweet only seventeen house we have to depend on you Joe you want to. Join me no I don't like Happy now can you not. Like this I'm bouncing,.

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