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San Diegan are not only voting for a new governor. But our congressional seats are up for grabs. There are also big issues like the controversial gas tax new commander shot skis at the registrar voters with more despite this being a midterm election, the San Diego registrar says they are expecting a very high voter turnout. This anticipation is sixty anywhere from sixty four percent to sixty eight percent at the end of the day. We'll see. That's in part to several big races at stake. California will select a new governor and whether or not to repeal the gas tax locally the seat for district. Fifty and the board of supervisors candidate Bonnie do Mattis voted early. I think it's good that this many people have voted. Seven sixty K from bees election coverage live from golden hall begins tonight at seven o'clock, San Diego voters will also decide the fate of the mission valley stadium site today. Backers of measure e would allow the city to lease the stadium site to the soccer city initiative plans include building to twenty three thousand seat soccer stadium. That's supporters say could be expanded for San Diego State football. Meanwhile, measured g the SDS you west initiative would include a larger thirty five thousand seat stadium for Aztec football. A new study shows men still are not getting the message when it comes to protecting themselves from skin cancer CBS news. Vicki Barker reports, the researchers say skin cancer deaths. Among men have soared in wealthy nations, while mortality rates among women are rising more slowly or even declining in some places lead author Dorothy Yang of London's Royal free hospital. There is some evidence from several studies that suggest that men possibly don't protect your skin. As well. As women do more than ninety percent of melanoma cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun making it one of the most preventable of cancers. Something more men need to take on board. Vicki Barker, CBS news. Here's news as Heather Meyer. She as.

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