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I mean, I thought they opened up the office last year as good as they had under Bryan fairest. All right. All of a sudden, you know, they've clamped it down again. And I don't believe in the old adage they're not, you know, they're not showing everything. All that kind of stuff. And you know, we just heard bob stoops, bob stoops taught me that. He would say, hey, chuck. You know, you show everything. We're trying to win score points. Don't worry about holding anything back. You know, history was thought all out there. They have to prepare for all that the next opponent. They don't have enough time in a day to do it. So I don't think the holy back. I hope they're not, but yeah, I'm with you. I just felt like, especially in that situation, hey, run that jets we've done here. Let's ice this game away and but you go for three and how many times when you see that time and your career in football man himself or something and you're like, you had that pit in your stomach, oh, don't settle. You know, this team is not out of it yet. And they're at home and they had a quarterback that they benched. We can talk about that as well. But I thought there was two telling things also to just I want to make this point. Sure. Second quarter, here's I thought the difference in the game or this little things I look for. It was in the second quarter and I was staying at a third down a crucial third down and party brought back through a beautiful pass on like a coronado or sideline rob to Kohler. Yep. And it was a contested ball. Justin Jacobs, right? Two hands on the ball and did not make the catch. That was a huge momentum for Iowa, a momentum breaker fly. And then a little bit after that, I with those, you know, the Charlie Jones for the touchdown and that was a contested throat. It was defensive back all over Charlie Jones, and he makes to play. I thought those two plays right there were big momentum changers for aisle. You know, Iowa just had Nicole. Here's your all American tight end. Now.

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