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Com hotline. Papa t I believe it is. Hey, thanks so chance to get on. Yeah. Hours of service. No matter what what they wanna do with them there. There's always gonna be a set now hours that you're going to be allowed to drive and then beyond the clock. There's always gonna be the drivers out there that are going to push it and all that limit. You're allowed to drive eleven hours than the normal ship. Basically once you hit that ten out, and our issue already be looking for a place to pull over and take your, you know, take your mandatory break. Whatever there's always going to be a driver that wanting to push it live on got five miles to make it all I've only got two miles to negative. My. Decimation wherever they're delivering out or whatever. And. Somebody wants to bend the rules a little bit fell. So what do you do? So and set of eleven hours. Let's go to Levin out. No matter how long you extend our services, always going to be those drivers they're gonna wanna push it. You know, we're gonna wanna want to go back to paper log well. Yeah. The. Fifteen minutes or a half an hour to get through, you know. And and I can you know. Done it myself on a few occasions. But you know, every every business is regulated to certain extent. So. Learn to live by the rules, as they are the primary message, I think they've they've realized though property that there is a problem with the hours as they are that the lack of flexibility, I firmly fully believe they're going to go back to giving you the ability to to split your sleeper berth time. They're gonna can that thirty minute mandatory break thing, which has done nothing for safety. And there's a few things they can do you're still going to be on a clock per se. But if you have the ability to stop that clock that would be very beneficial. Wouldn't you think? Oh, yeah. Definitely. I tell that to my wife, and France, or whatever I said, why don't you start the clock? Log in on your any log, boom. That's running. And there's nothing you can do to stop it. So. Oh well. Yeah. I'm I live in a world where area truck show coming up at you choice a days. What what would you go Thursday or Friday? As far as just coming down to check the show out. Yeah. Now that now that Elaine Chao gonna come on Thursday. But now I'm kind of interested in lane challenge to say, so either two days are those Saturday is undoubtedly always the busiest day. Now, he got the question Mark about the weather Saturday because that's when they're talking about possibly, the showers and thunderstorms. So yeah. But Thursday Thursday Friday Thursdays last year. Thursday seem pretty darned busy to me. If Friday was kind of inbetween Saturday was pretty darned busy. Yeah. It's been about three years since fan. So I'm looking forward to going this year. So. Like, I said, I know I was fine. I go on Thursday. So. Couple of months ago, you were talking about barbershop that actually give you the old style haircuts. Now, save the back of the neck around the ears. We're we have. Well, we have one we have one in mobile. I don't know if I hear the name or not. Leon's classic barbershop. I sixty four Larssen freeway at exit five and Leon's about eighty five year old barber. Are they opened up? I think it's seven o'clock in the morning, but they'll they'll take area sent me up where you want and then. How hot shaving cream and go around your ears with a straight razor now. So yeah. And then you've been there for several years. I don't know what places he likes to go on. But I've got a few bites that are really they said on the list if you'd like to hear those, well, we don't we don't typically go out a whole hell of a lot. Once we get there. We tend to just get a walk from the hotel over to the convention center. And then walked back in. Eight at the hotel. I'm kind of worried this year about getting out the traffic is probably going to be double what it normally is with that whole Sweet Sixteen and everything going on. Yeah. Well, that's that's downtown right there on the river at the at the center center. And then yeah, of course, now, the fairgrounds expo center is, you know. Five or six miles away from there. So as far as traffic, you know, and then those those games are going to be later on in the day where Chuck sale traffic is, you know, earlier in the day. So I I don't know. And then the big things that Thursday, then you're gonna have one game on Saturday. So anyway. People are looking for a hotel if they find too expensive and local they might want to check out elizabethtown right off. I sixty five I ninety four. There's a brand new hotels in that area and also barge down which would be a whole lot. I think a whole lot cheaper than anything less than mobile. So exactly we've got some. We got some friends that always liked to go. They go over across the river to the what the casino boat over there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Horseshoe. All needs to be offering it call now. Yeah. So anyway, if anybody gets a chance Jim beam that Jim beam bourbon down in bullet county exit one twelve off sixty five that that's worthwhile to do if you ever wanted to go to. Distillery made now. You can actually actually. Urban about Louisville slugger museum is that. Yeah. You can go in there and have your own personal made up. Have your name put on it, or whatever you want on it? So it's around forty or fifty bucks have your own personalized bat. But it's worth money to take that. You're also, okay. Oh, yeah. So I had my friends last year. I think last couple of years they've come down. They've tried to get me to go. They said there's this restaurant. It's like in a neighborhood in. It's almost like in a residential area. Somebody's basement to where they they only. It's only open on the weekends or whatever. But they said, it's yeah. You know, what they're talking about any idea. I wouldn't know that one. There is one. It's a really good the primary fish. Fabulous. But they do have other things on the menu. It's right on the river not far from where terminal is that like lemmings L I N G S and that. Face plate. A lot of there. Well, that's a real good popular local location there. So anyway, and they always say, well, you need to go to Ruth, Chris. I said I got pocket book. Yeah. Yeah. It is. The same thing is is in Annapolis Orlando or wherever you wanted to go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, okay. That's about all. I got for you. Thank you very much. Right. If you get by the show, we are actually in the north wing lobby area lobby. So if you're coming into the convention center, and you get to park out in front of the venue, you'd become coming in like to the the front side of freedom hall, and we'd be right there to the right in the north wing lobby. Of course that front lot fills up. I bet I bet it's full up by nine or ten o'clock there Friday more Thursday morning. And then they start shoveling shuffling around to the side and eventually to the backside is the parking fills up. So at that point there, there's tons of people that ended up coming in from the back side, you're coming in via the back entrance to the west wing or the north wing and a lot of people never even come out because they think they're leaving the show because you gotta go out the doors of the main wing to get into the big lobby area. And there's all kinds of booths and whatnot out there in the north wing lobby. But they they never make it out. I'll look look never did find you couldn't find you down there. Because they think they're leaving the show. But that's where we'll be. All right. Quick time out here back in two on America's trucking network..

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