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Strike again good morning I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Kushinka, on this Tuesday August twenty first glad you're with us and here's what we have, for you this. Hour giant Microsoft says it's identified new Russian hacking attempts at. Targeted a pair of conservative think tanks a Colorado man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters has. Changed his story students returning to Santa, Fe high school in, Texas after a deadly shooting face more scrutiny but. Some argue that underlying problems, remained at disparate attempt to improve TV ratings the Oscars are making. Changes those changes aren't being received well The academy pretty much out of nowhere. Announced that they were going to be overhauling the telecast of the Academy Awards are going to. Be moving, some category to the commercial break because they're sick of it stretching to you know four hours or even more than four hours each year and then they also announced this mysterious. New category for best popular film Wall Street Journal reporter Eric Schwartz all on, changes for the Academy Awards. He's here in about twenty? Minutes Microsoft says it's uncovered new Russian hacking attempts targeting targeting. A pair of conservative think tanks ahead of the midterm elections the tech giant accuses a hacking group affiliated with the Russian government of spoofing. The Hudson, institute and the. International Republican Institute, more from this, morning's Dave Duncan there's no sign the hackers were successful in getting anyone to. Click on the fake, websites, and both organizations said they've. Been targeted, before Microsoft said the hacking group is known as fancy bear the company says it's working with the potential target organizations MC soft was able to catch the spoofed websites as they were set up getting court approval to, see a certain fake domain names Gordon thank you Dave. On Sunday by the way national security adviser John Bolton suggested that Russia was not the only, threat in, the fall elections he also named China. Iran and North.

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