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Or lynchburg virginia i know that because i think hannah you met a very pretty blonde in lynchburg double light but i didn't mean a lot of nick baseball i'm sure you did the number one priority for instance what i would do is is there something every called time paternity i would suits like decide if i was going to be something i would ask this question if i do this will so make me a better baseball yeah player other players had and those things if the answer i didn't is no i didn't do it i watch a game never that can move had a right beer we're watching game now never had oh my it never god went i to can't a dance another one away guys never had a girlfriend i didn't i got now i five did have six some pipecleaners seven maybe eight guys in the big leagues i mean right now i mean i mean jackson pavilion you house know a kid right but wasn't but married i didn't have right anybody of gordon that got so my way as a kid of my memory you dream got your my shrine dream your and by when the way you i shoot never doubted i was on the bigly shoot seven catches not at one egg time because even you're when i you're was in my you're first young spring training and that was i eighteen think years old that plus i was you're not putting i a coat guy on in come the front on bro i mean there wasn't stretches coats back the whole then organization so i l singly aa it's rookie kind of aaa hard to watch your game and if they i'm in the wait front row wait and i turned rapper stretching a couple of i other look way i and think see wait see waving a blue they must tease have been another thousands one of them wait and i didn't how say can play oh role god how am i dna how they got can that i get through dykes regime all it's these all people about genetics i.

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